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  • 2x VPs offer has been activated! Every vote counts twice than usual!
  • Because ultimate weapons will become part of the voter chain when the revamp occurs, players can now exchange their ultimate weapon into class-based weapons at the Weapon Exchange NPC located in the mall. This NPC will be removed when we release the new content and after that, the ultimate weapons will not be considered as donor weapons any longer.


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    Date of the Changes: 02/17/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Malda Changes: Fixed Elune's Blessing to not interrupt other player actions anymore. Also, .buff, .buffvip and Elune's buff are now permanent and death-resistant (this means they aren't removed, even if you die). However, they still get removed by the "Unaura" feature of the Portable Teleporter. If you find any bugs, please be so kind and make a ticket about it or a bug report here on the forums. Thank you!
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    Hello everyone, I saw how people having trouble to find out how to play rogue's.... so I decided to make a guide about it after learning about the class for COUNTLESS minutes and becoming a Wrecking machine. First thing is to Put poisions on your daggers, Than go invisible. That should be simple Than you just click SHIV and roll ur head over the keyboard, Ez Pz you're Gone from ZERO TO HERO. nobody gonna be able to beat you, u got my word on that :)
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    Date of the Changes: 02/15/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The description of each forum has been coloured to make the forum's layout more clear.
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    Ayo, so i've been playing this sever for multiple years but never gotten into making either a forum account or a proper introduction ^^. Let's start with the basics my real name is Mariss not going to put my 2nd name out there, but let's go by that. I have multiple alt accounts but I try to stand out so most of you probably have heard of me, if not, * heart broken* . So my first account has the alt called " cowthehorse " and on the other one, it's a freshie but geared him up quite well considering that I took a long break, " Adronystus ". Also about that cow thing, me and MidgetCow have been acquaintances for a while now, and i'm obviously the ALPHA cow. Jokes aside here's a little bit about me : I'm a young boy coming from a small country next to Lithuania and Russia,Latvia, I am 16 and my birthday is on September. I've played video games for my whole life, starting at the age of 5 when my brother introduced me to vanilla wow and I have so many great memories of leveling a hunter up till lvl 21 when the burning crusade came out and no longer played the game ( can't remember why ) games I play? Uh, there would be no end to them, if i'm not playing wow I could be playing Borderlands 1,2, 7 Days To Die, Brawlhalla, Call of Duty : WAW, Skyrim, The Forest, Naruto, Rocket League, Rust, H1Z1, Overwatch, League of Legends, there is genuinely no end, also I need friends so if anybody wants here is my steam id : https://steamcommunity.com/id/27568945 My intentions: I joined this server a looong time ago, and my intentions are the same as back then, when I found sanctuary in a fun server with a lot of PVE grinding, also yes, I hate pvp cause I suck at it. I just enjoy playing here and theres nothing else to it. My fingers are growing tired so i'l stop this here, I hope to be welcome and peace out. Alpha cow PS: Thanks Nocturin for a little representative on how to write a introduction, I 100% wasn't looking at yours while making this ;)
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    Hello to all members of the WotG Forums! My name is Nocturin, and I'm the new Community Manager here. I'll tell you just a little bit about myself, and what my intentions are as Community Manager. But first, I would like to give a special thanks to @Poseidon for giving me this opportunity to assist him and @Isudanon with forum moderation! A little about me: I live in Canada, but not in an igloo (yes, Canadians DO have houses!). I'll just say I'm over 20 years old :P I've been with WotG for several years, and I do still log in-game if I'm not 2v2'ing on Clash Royale, playing Borderlands, or Cities: Skylines (I can hear you all now: NERD!) My intentions as Community Manager: I'm here simply to help with moderating the forums, and other tasks given to me by my superiors. I'm not the new ban hammer or mute machine. I won't ban/mute specific members just because they're disliked or their content/posts are disliked by other members (unless rules are broken). I'm not here to solve in-game issues as I'm not part of the in-game staff. If it's an issue I'm 100% confident I know the answer/solution to, then I'll answer. Otherwise I leave in-game issues to the in-game staff. My Expectations: All I expect from others is to be treated fairly and with respect. Naturally, as a member of the forum staff, I expect the forum rules to be followed. If a staff member makes a decision or comment, please by all means voice your opinion, but keep posts/replies civil. There's no need to bash or swear/curse at other members (this includes staff). Use the PM option if necessary. I do consider using characters ( #$&!* etc ) to replace letters in curse words as still swearing/cursing. If you can't be civil in your posts/replies then don't post. If things get out of hand in such discussions I'll close/lock that thread. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you have of me. Continue enjoying the forums and the server! Don't forget to vote! - Nocturin -
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    Date of the Changes: 02/17/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The permissions of all member groups have been adjusted: The permissions of all forms have been adjusted. The permissions of all forums have been adjusted. The "Ban Appeal" form has been renamed to "In-Game Ban Appeal". The "Ban Appeal" forum has been renamed to "In-Game Ban Appeal". The sub-forum has been renamed accordingly. A new ban appeal form, called "Forum Ban Appeal" has been added to the forms. A new forum, called "Forum Ban Appeal" has been added to the forums. The sub-forum has been added accordingly. The new form "Forum Ban Appeal" posts automatically in the forum "Forum Ban Appeal" as intended. The navigation tab has been adjusted regarding the "Forms" menu-point: The ban appeals (both, in-game and forum ban appeal) have been grouped and can be found in the navigation tab "Forms" under the sub-menu "Ban Appeals". The ban appeal, called "In-Game Ban Appeal" has been added to the forms-sub-menu "Ban Appeal". The ban appeal, called "Forum Appeal" has been added to the forms-sub-menu "Ban Appeal". The security measures of the forum have been adjusted.
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    I rate this guide 8/10, expected some photos of you rolling your head over the keyboard :D
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    too bad shiv got nerfed 1000% :c xD but i r8 8/8 m8 no h8
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    R1 guide meruem. You deserved your reward for this awesome guide. Hope you enjoy your new weapon!
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    Umm.....based on the last few weeks....shouldn't the guides be left to Pharaoh? Just wondering... Your guide is nice and quick though, so gg on that :)
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    Date of the Changes: 02/16/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The forums which were related to the Legion realm have been renamed to "Legion of the Gods" to fit the new name of the Legion realm. The forms which were related to the Legion realm have been renamed to "Legion of the Gods" to fit the new name of the Legion realm.
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    Date of the Changes: 02/16/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Isudanon Changes: The description of the forums have been adjusted and grammatically corrected.
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    Date of the Changes: 02/14/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Malda Changes: Fixed a lot of gameobjects, including the doors in arena which could be opened by anyone. Fixed all the tier quests which weren't chaining as intended (very weird). If you find any bug, please be so kind and make a ticket about it or a bug report here on the forums. Thank you!
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    You will for sure enjoy it even more once we released the new gear ;) Welcome back!
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    Hello, Abletv and welcome to the forum of World of the Gods. Welcome back to World of the Gods in general :) I hope you will enjoy your stay while being with us. If you have any questions, send me a private message whenever you need assistance.
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    Date of the Changes: 02/19/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The Tropies and Medals have been added to the forum! For more details check out this section. The difference between Tophies and Medals is simple: Trophies will be handed out automatically. Medals will be handed out manually.
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    Happy to help i always loved this server and been a part of it since 09. I love to see it grow more and it's also one of the few 255 servers that is still functioning at this time. Please keep up the good work and thanks for replying to me.
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    Hi there everyone! I'm looking for you in a matter, I can not solve myself. I just downloaded the legion client -(even tough I have the "retail" version aswell)- as mentioned in the "situation 1". I downloaded it from google drive. Everything works fine, I double checked to have everything. I have the patched version of the wow.exe aswell. However, when I open the game, I log in, and when I need to choose between servers, it says at the population coloumn that it's incompatible. Server is 7.3.2, yet the patched wow.exe is 7.2.5 . What can/should I do in that case? Image attached. Thanks in advance! Kornel
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    Hello, Nocturin. Thank you very much for your introduction! A warm welcome from all the current staff members and especially from my side. I hope you'll enjoy your tasks as a Community manager and I wish you good luck with it! I'm glad to have someone like you in the staff team.
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    How to connect to our Legion 7.3.2 realm has been updated: http://forum.worldofthegods.c...6-how-to-connect-legion-732/ ihing this will help you
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    welcome to our server :) and iplaye clash royale too =) and ihave like 2500
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    How to connect to the World of the Gods' Discord Server 1. Go to the discord website and log in or create a new account. 2. The start menu will open. On the left side menu, you will find one bigger grey coloured plus. Hit it and a small window will open. You are now able to create a new server or join a server. Click "join a server". To join the World of the Gods' server copy this link ( https://discord.gg/tebjShz ) and paste it into the empty field. You will now have to join the World of the Gods' discord server! 3. For now, you will have access to the support and free-talks channels. If you want to climb your member, VIP, staff, or head staff rank you need to activate your email address. When this is done you are able to contact Poseidon and send him a private message. To send him a private message, go to the right top corner and hit this icon. The member list will be shown. Left-click Poseidon and send him a private message with the content: in-game account name, forum account name or forum account's email address. He is the only one who can set your rank.
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    Date of the Changes: 02/12/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: A small error of the forms, regarding selecting a date, has been fixed.
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    Date of the Changes: 02/05/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: As of now, the members of the member group "Board Newbie" need their content approved to avoid spammers or advertisers. (Thanks to @Badass for this idea.)