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  1. Forum's Changelog

    Date of the Changes: 02/16/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Isudanon Changes: The description of the forums have been adjusted and grammatically corrected.
  2. Character Issues

    Glad to help, @oldwowfan! Have fun here on World of the Gods!
  3. Character Issues

    Hello, @oldwowfan! To start things off, your daughter's characters were "deleted" from the list because she logged out with a morph. A morph is anything which changes the appearance of your character. This could be an item which changes your appearance, shapeshifting, etc. To ensure that is does not happen again in the future, please let her know to not log off while morphed. You can demorph by using your Portable Teleporter companion, interacting with it and pressing DeMorph. This is a core bug, and we have a new core coming, so hopefully it won't be a bug much longer. To get her characters back on the list, please create an in-game ticket asking for the in-game staff to fix the character(s) genders. Please provide the names of the characters in the ticket. The crash you experience is client-side and it's all Druids above level 100 who experience this. There are two ways to fix it: 1) If you downloaded the client from World of the Gods, you should have an extra executable file. It should be called "DruidBarberpatch.exe" or something along those lines - excuse my ignorance, I don't have the client provided by World of the Gods installed. Use that executable as opposed to the normal "wow.exe" and you shouldn't experience the crashes. If you don't have another executable, you can download it here - 2) You can fix the character panel crash problem by entering the following lines in chat (or as a macro): /console PlayerStatRightDropDown Melee /console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee /reload If you use method 2, don't change the stat list on the panel, otherwise you'll experience the crashes again. If you require any further assistance, feel free to respond to this thread.
  4. I like the server alot,good job

    Welcome back to World of the Gods, @Yannk. Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Self-Offend

    I believe @Pharaoh meant "self-defence". With the way he worded his thread, I'm sure that's what he meant. See, @Pharaoh, here's how it works. If you break a rule, you get punished, whether you are online or not. So long as there is proof, the staff does not need to hear excuses as to why the rule(s) were broken in the first place. For example: If you hack and AntiCheat doesn't ban you, but somebody has proof of you hacking, you get banned. If you are insulting other members, you'll be muted. All actions have consequences, and only you can prevent yourself from being punished by not breaking rules.
  6. 3.3.5 Server

    @Youplox - I'd suggest trying to run the "wow.exe" directly as opposed to using the launcher. I'm not experienced with the launcher as I've never used it. Please reply to this thread stating whether using the wow.exe directly worked.
  7. 3.3.5 Server

    Hello, @Youplox! Unfortunately, with what you've described, I am unsure as to what to say as it isn't very clear. If you could provide a screenshot of what you mean, it would help us help you resolve the issue.
  8. Can't get in the game

    Hello, @Dragoncx! Please go to the thread linked below and follow the steps listed there. This may help resolve your issue. http://forum.worldofthegods.com/index.php?/topic/46922-if-you-stuck-at-connection-how-to-solve-it/ If this problem persists, or you require any other kind of support, please make a new thread in the Support section. I hope this helped solve your issue.
  9. Missing character

    Hello, Gargamel12345! This is a common problem. It is caused when you log out with a morph. Prior to logging out, please make sure to use your Portable Teleporter and press DeMorph. This will prevent this from happening. To get the character fixed, please make a ticket in-game asking for a staff member to fix your character's gender. Make sure you include your character's name in the ticket.
  10. Last Letter Of The Word Game

  11. Doubts About What I Should Do

    The Legion realm is new, don't forget. Hopefully, with World of the Gods having a newer-expension realm, it will help increase our population. I cannot tell you whether it's simply due to lack of general population, if it is due to your level, or if Horde is the favoured faction. I'd suggest making a Horde character and seeing if it is just due to being Alliance, or if it is just not populated yet. Most of the World of the Gods population is on The Gods 255 realm. I am unsure as to whether the Legion realm will ever be populated or not, but let's hope that it does bring in more players. Another thing to keep in mind is time zones. I know that when I hop on, I'm usually online during down periods. If you are having problems with group quests, it's probably best to avoid them for now until you do start seeing some activity from the Alliance. No matter the cause, hopefully it gets better. Good luck, DiSadrio.
  12. Last Letter Of The Word Game

  13. Last Letter Of The Word Game

  14. Last Letter Of The Word Game

  15. Last Letter Of The Word Game