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      TG255 is looking for testers!   03/04/2018

      The Gods 255 is looking for PvE content testers. If you're interested, send a private message to Malda.


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  1. Introductions of Blizzard

    Ignore him..... You might end up lowering your IQ if you waste your time with him.
  2. Introductions of Blizzard

    Welcome back. Enjoy your time on the server!
  3. From Zero To Hero With Rogue's !

    Umm.....based on the last few weeks....shouldn't the guides be left to Pharaoh? Just wondering... Your guide is nice and quick though, so gg on that :)
  4. More PvP In the Server !

    The only "forced" PvP I've run into is if I want to complete Tier 6 gear. I believe at least one requirement is to kill X amount of players to get one of the Tier 6 pieces. Unless T6 is a PvP set, I don't think making players PvP to get the piece of gear is needed. Just a bad decision on the part of whoever made that requirement. Other than that, I personally haven't come across anything else that "forces" me to PvP for anything. PvP is something that should be optional at all times, not forced (not including entering arenas etc), and right now I think the staff are doing fine at keeping it optional.
  5. Sneak Peak New Mall

    I do like the horseman model as well. I actually kinda forgot about the cata/mop patch :P
  6. Sneak Peak New Mall

    Although the same models are grouped together (different models for different groups), the one that stands out to me is the two Mount vendors. Personally, I'd use one model for a "regular" mount, and a mount model from MoP/Cata for that mount vendor...if it's possible to do that, ofc. Otherwise, looking good, Malda.
  7. Top Voters bugged??

    @alexandru58Go ahead and continue to vote, because it helps the server overall.
  8. Top Voters bugged??

    You should get 9VP every time you complete the vote panel list. I had 6VP at the beginning of last week, and finished with 107, for a total of 101 votes for the week, yet the last two names in the top 5 list had less than 100 votes. I'm not sure how often the list is updated though. As for your 25 votes, perhaps there was one or two times where somehow your vote didn't count? EDIT -- Yes, I do think this is posted in the wrong section. Perhaps a staff member with the proper abilities can move the thread for you.
  9. Top Voters bugged??

    To be honest with you, I think you're on to something...Last week I gained enough VP to surpass two voters that were in the top 5, yet I wasn't in the top 5 list...It actually always seems to be the same names sitting in the top 5 every week, regardless of how many times you vote. You could be right about the list being bugged in some way.
  10. Self-Offend

    What? It says so in my signature! :P
  11. Self-Offend

    There is no such thing as "self offending"....unless you insult yourself or something. An offense is an offence....period. Based on what the video shows, you are "cheating" at the event by summoning an offline character so that if you fall, you don't have to start over again like a non-VIP would. A small bit of friendly advice from me: You just recently obtained VIP. Tread carefully, Pharaoh, because you could just as easily lose VIP. BTW -- I will never call you Lord Pharaoh -- But you will know my name...as The Lord of Darkness!
  12. Hello

    Welcome back to WotG! Enjoy your time!
  13. The 5 dp thread (continued)

    Simply put...A DP gift is a gift...whether it be 5DP, 10DP or even 1DP...ZeuL wasn't obliged to give out any DP as a gift, and never will be obliged to do it. With the 2xDP being said as a gift, many think that it isn't a gift since they still have to pay to get the DP. Well...obviously under normal circumstances if you pay $10 you get 10DP. Right now, paying $10 will get you 22DP which actually is just a tad better than double. To me, that extra 12DP is a "bonus gift" even though it would still cost $10... If people don't like to see it as a gift, that's fine. Nobody is saying they have to think of it as a gift. Perhaps they can think of the 2xDP as an incentive then.
  14. Last Letter Of The Word Game

  15. Last Letter Of The Word Game