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  1. dps per class

    Happy to help i always loved this server and been a part of it since 09. I love to see it grow more and it's also one of the few 255 servers that is still functioning at this time. Please keep up the good work and thanks for replying to me.
  2. dps per class

    okay i see what you mean but spamming just mind flay in shadow form give me 210k dps if i spam it before the channel is over making it constantly hit. but i appreciate you taking your time to talk to me about the server. another thing i noticed is the gods advanced polearm is a good amount better than the other 2 handed weapons which those are evenly matched. but there is also no gods advanced agility type dagger only the spell dagger. another thing i have a problem is a hunters most dps comes from his bow but there is no way for you to keep the enemy occupied with your pet cause your pet doesnt have a high dodge chance like the hunter so you end up being forced into melee which is not good for hunters. they might shine in pvp but in pve unless they got someone holding aggro then they stuck using melee
  3. dps per class

    all classes shouldn't have the same dps due to some classes can heal a lot mages run out of mana rather fast depending on abilities so healing classes can oom really fast if they try to heal. now classes that do CC is fine but the damage is spread out evenly when it comes to casters still making the melee class higher on CC damaging spells. and casters should be able to at least keep up with melee classes when it comes to dps. the 0.00 attack speed also works with spells too so if we increase spell damage fairly then the dps should b fine. now pvp against hard hitting casters and rangers is easy if you have a gap closer. just close the gap stun and auto down all their health it's not hard. and dark link i appreciate you info. i took the time to see which class would be fun to play and do substantial damage. now if you take into account the self healing classes the paladin is OP by far due to one of the highest dps with least amount of effort and self heals that can make them almost immortal except for the enemies that hit really hard. now the classes that can't self heal need a way to self heal in order to do half the armor quests where you don't have 95% dodge rate. also another thing you have to take into account when it comes to CC spell casters is if it's a channel spell they can take constant damage with the 95% dodge cause you can't dodge if your channeling now mind you my tests on dps was on the target dummies in the mall. with the easiest and basic damaging styles with fresh 255 gear not tier .5 or anything all advance gear only. when the new core comes out and they balance classes again ill test this out one more time and give better estimates also some spells weren't available for some classes im sure for buggy reasons like mind flay on priests
  4. dps per class

    This is a test of fresh level 255 with max spells and talents. they are equipped with training gear and starter gear to keep numbers even. any changes in gear will be listed with the class. most at just melee auto attacks. and caster classes are mostly spamming with just the hardest hitting spell they have. please keep in mind that these are non donor class tests so numbers will be low. but this should put into perspective the differences in the classes as far as damage output is. as im sure most will notice that casters are on the low end of the dps range. druid bear melee dps 750k druid cat melee dps 330k death knight blood pressence dps 1.10m mage frostfire spam dps 400k shaman with windfury weapon on 2handed and totems dps 900k hunter with bow and pet dps 1.46m hunter with 2handed and pet dps 1.15m warrior with 2 2handed weapons melee dps 1.76m rouge with instant poison and donor legs with 2 daggers dps 765k priest holy fire and smite spam dps 47k priest shadow form with mind blast, devouring plague, and shadow word pain spam dps 87k paladin seal of corruption 2handed dps 1.14m paladin seal of righteousness 2handed dps 1.10m warlock soul fire spam with felguard dps 198k warlock metamorphosis melee with staff dps 143k list of highest dps to lowest 1. warrior TG 2. hunter with bow and pet. 3. hunter with 2handed weapon and pet 4. paladin seal of corruption 5. paladin seal of righteousness 6. death knight blood pessence 7. shaman with 2handed windfury and totems 8. rouge with instant poisons and donor legs 9. druid bear form 10. mage frostfire spam 11. druid cat form 12. warlock soul fire spam. 13. warlock metamorphosis melee only 14. priest shadow form and dots 15. priest holy fire and smite spam i understand most might complain and say that im not using the classes to their full potential but you must take into account the fact that i didn't use any abilities besides self buffs for the melee classes.