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  1. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][B][16.04.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] Easter event has started! Visit Mysterious Stranger in Dalaran to start the event. (Some quests will require a team) Have fun! You will need this addon so quests will go easier: [url]https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/coordinates/files/453532[/url]
  2. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][B][29.03.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [list] [*] Naxxramas has been buffed by an overall 25% [*] Portal Jump Event has been fixed [*] Event reward item has been created. Will be added in a few days [*] Minor improvements on the Gurubashi Chest [/list]
  3. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][26.03.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [list] [*][COLOR="#FFD700"][SIZE=3]Gurubashi Arena Chest[/SIZE][/COLOR] has been added.[/list] There will be a message in the chat when the NPC spawns the chest. Loot from the chest: [img]http://i.imgur.com/lylQDw2.png[/img] Loot amounts may vary and some bugs might occur. Please, report any problems you find with the chest.
  4. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][20.03.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [list] [*] Fixed NPC Pathfinding [*] Added Multivendors in the Mall [*] Added FoS/PoS/HoR zones in TAXI [*] Added Custom Raids, Custom Dungeons, Custom Quests sub-categories in Custom Zones [*] Implemented the Security Filter [/list]
  5. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][06.03.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][COLOR="#008080"]Forge of Souls[/COLOR] Heroic dungeon is now open! [*][COLOR="#006400"]Pit of Saron[/COLOR] Heroic dungeon is now open! [*]New Chain quest inside the Frozen Halls available at the mall. You will need to do the quest chain to enter Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection. [*]New PvE and PvP quest for[B] [COLOR="#800080"]Transmog Cards[/COLOR][/B] and [B][COLOR="#008080"]Reforge Cards[/COLOR][/B] tokens available at mall. (You can only pick either PvP or PvE) [*]The Mischief Maker mail should no longer appear. [/LIST]
  6. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][25.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*] The instance [B][COLOR="#40E0D0"]Naxxramas 25-man[/COLOR][/B] has been closed. [*] The instance [B][COLOR="#40E0D0"]Naxxramas 10-man[/COLOR][/B] has been open. [*][B][COLOR="#800080"]Transmog Cards[/COLOR][/B] will now drop from [COLOR="#40E0D0"]Naxxramas[/COLOR]. [*][B][COLOR="#008080"]Reforge Cards[/COLOR][/B] will now drop from [COLOR="#40E0D0"]Naxxramas[/COLOR]. [/LIST]
  7. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][23.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][B][COLOR="#800080"]Transmogrification NPC[/COLOR][/B] has been added. [*][B][COLOR="#008080"]Reforge NPC[/COLOR][/B] has been added. [*][B][COLOR="#800080"]Transmog Cards[/COLOR][/B] have been added. Available at Vote and Donor shops > "Feature Cards" tab. (for now) [*][B][COLOR="#008080"]Reforge Cards[/COLOR][/B] have been added. Available at Vote and Donor shops > "Feature Cards" tab. (for now) [*][B]Minor gear tweaks.[/B] [/LIST]
  8. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][15.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][B]Nightfallen Tier 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Stamina have been reduced by 15% [*][B]Nightfallen Tier 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Strength have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen Tier 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Attack Power have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen Tier 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Spell Power have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen PvP 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Stamina have been reduced by 15% [*][B]Nightfallen PvP 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Strength have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen PvP 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Attack Power have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen PvP 1 (Starter gear)[/B] Spell Power have been reduced by 20% [*][B]Nightfallen Tier 2[/B] Stamina have been reduced by 5% [*][B]Nightfallen PvP 2[/B] Stamina have been reduced by 5% [*]Various missing [B]CLASS SPELLS[/B] have been added to the trainer. [/LIST]
  9. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FFD700"][SIZE=3][B][11.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST] [*] Revive Pet has been added to trainer [*] Taunt has been added to trainer [*] Gem Vendors have been organized. All usless gems were removed [*] Instant gear enchanter has been added [*] Players who enter Naxx now have a few buffs to help them. [*] Template NPC is now available [*] PvP Ranged weapons have been fixed [*] New TAXI zones have been added. [/LIST]
  10. How to create a macro

    1. Introduction ____________________ I see many people ask for macros , often either for their class or their specific playground. I hope the examples are simplistic enough for a regular player to understand the basics and start creating their own macros. The aim of the Guide is to provide the best posseble insight in the working of macro's. And to give players who have never bothered to make any out of stress a chance to step up and create their own. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. What is a macro and how do i make one? 3. How does a macro work? 4. Macroing abilities and item's -4.1 Abilities -4.2 Item's 5. Targets 6. Castsequence 7. Modifiers and Stances -7.1 Modifiers -7.2 Stances 8. Weapon Swapping 9. What can you not do with a macro? ____________________ 2. What is a macro and how do i make one? ____________________ Macros allow you to perform multiple actions by only using 1 button. Macros can make things much easier if you use certain abilties in sequence a lot. Or if you want to save space on your actionbars. Basically, macroing is a simple form of coding and it performs the actions in line. Usually they are quite simple, but that doesn't always have to be that way. You can make pretty advanced pieces of code to make your macro do crazy things. You can for example, as a Warrior, have 1 button do different things in Defensive Stance, Battle Stance and Berserker Stance. You can access the macro-creation window by either pressing escape and then the "macro" menu button. Or you can type /macro in your chatbox and hit enter. Either have the same effect. ____________________ 3. How does a macro work? ____________________ As i explained in 2, a macro is a code that performs one or multiple actions with the use of only 1 button. It will always follow the code from top to bottom and from left to right. Meaning that an ability placed on the first line, is first to be checked to meet its criteria. Notice how i add "#show" or "#showtooltip" at the top of every macro. #show shows the ability icon instead of the icon you suggested and its cooldown. #showtooltip replaces the icon you selected with the actual ability tooltip (the information text about it etc) and also adds the cooldown. ____________________ 4.1 Abilities ____________________ Alright so lets start easy. You all probebly often use certain spells in combination. For example a Paladin using his/her Avenging Wrath (Wings) together with Divine Shield. It would look like this: #showtooltip /cast Avenging Wrath /cast Divine Shield This is useful because it is fast, and goes with only 1 press of a button rather than 2. Careful though, because even though it looks to be pretty much instant, the macro still performs the one after the other. Beware, this is not posseble with all abilities. Many of your abilities have a Global Cooldown, and those that do only go together in a macro like this with a spell that is not on the Global Cooldown. If you try to macro two spells that are both on the Global Cooldown in this way then the macro will only perform the first ability and fail to perform the second. There is a way around this that comes up later. ____________________ 4.2 Item's ____________________ Lets go a step further. You can also bind Item's in your macros! Crazy huh? Lets say, you want to use your Agility/Strength/Intellect PvP trinket along with a big cooldown: #showtooltip /use 13 /cast SPELLNAME This will use the item in your upper trinketslot along with the ability you defined. For the lower trinketslot, you use "14". It isn't limited to trinkets though, you can put anything in there as long as there are no restrictions: 1 Head 2 Neck 3 Shoulder 4 Shirt 5 Chest 6 Belt 7 Legs 8 Feet 9 Wrist 10 Gloves 11 Finger 1 (Top) 12 Finger 2 (Bottom) 13 Trinket 1 (Top) 14 Trinket 2 (Bottom) 15 Back 16 Main Hand 17 Off Hand 18 Ranged/Relic 19 Tabard Just make sure the item acually has a use effect otherwise nothing will happen ^^ ____________________ 5. Targets ____________________ Macro's can help you switch targets very fast, or even allow you to cast spells and abilities at players who aren't even your target at all! For example: #showtooltip /cast [@focus] SPELLNAME This will cast the defined spell on your Focus. It does not have to be in your target at all. But i am not even getting started. You can do any of the following: [@target] [@player] (< casts at self regardless of target) [@PLAYER] (< replace with anyones name to cast at them regardless of target) [@targettarget] (< this is basically what it says, the target of your target. So if you target player A, and player A targets player B, this macro will cast at player B.) [@focus] [@arena1] up untill [@arena5] [@party1] up untill [@party5] [@raid1] up untill [@raid40] Just to grab one more example: #showtooltip /cast [@arena3] SPELLNAME This will cast the spell at the third enemy arena player. And if you have a macro which should remove your target after its use you can add the following line at the end: /cleartarget Or if you changed target to run a specific macro and you want your previous target back after completion: /targetlasttarget ____________________ 6. Castsequence ____________________ Right, remember about the Global Cooldown i told you about earlier? Well, using this type of macro you can use abilties one after another even if they are on the Global Cooldown. We are not going to cheat though (aww ) so you will still have to wait that Global Cooldown out Alright so lets say you are a rogue (excuse me for coming back at the class, but its just the one im most familiar with :P). It's always nice if you can quickly do that (focus) shadowstep kick and not even having to move your fingers around! This is one i am using myself: #show /castsequence [mod:alt, @focus, stance:0/2] reset=2 Shadowstep, Kick /castsequence [mod:alt, @focus, stance:1/3] reset=2 Shadowstep, Sap /castsequence [stance:1/3] reset=2 Shadowstep, Sap /castsequence [stance:0/2] reset=2 Shadowstep, Kick Right so let me tell you how it works before i tell you what it does. The "/castsequence" is basically a queueing code which jumps to the next ability once the one before that has been used. The "reset=2" means that the macro will reset to its original state after 2 seconds of the first use. But you can also put an ability in there.. or a combat definition. Time is always in seconds. The ability by name (maybe also by spellid, can anyone confirm?), Ill get back to the [combat] stuff later. So for resetting upon an ability it would look like this: #showtooltip /castsequence reset=Kick Shadowstep, Kick And for combat it would look like this: #showtooltip /castsequence reset=nocombat Shadowstep, Kick This would reset it upon leaving combat. Ofcourse you can turn it around and make it "reset=combat" to make it reset upon entering combat. After that come the abilities themselves, just put in their names in the right order you want them to be executed. So if you want Shadowstep first, put Shadowstep first in the queue as i did in my example. But if you want Kick first, then put Kick first in line and it would cast Shadowstep second. Back to the macro: #show /castsequence [mod:alt, @focus, stance:0/2] reset=2 Shadowstep, Kick /castsequence [mod:alt, @focus, stance:1/3] reset=2 Shadowstep, Sap /castsequence [stance:1/3] reset=2 Shadowstep, Sap /castsequence [stance:0/2] reset=2 Shadowstep, Kick What this does, is many things in one: It casts shadowstep at my target in all stances. But if i hold ALT while pressing it, it will shadowstep my focus instead. That is not everything though. Because if i would press it twice in rapid succession in stealth or Shadow Dance, i will also sap the person i shadowstepped. But if I would be in Normal stance (no stealth, dance), or in Vanish state it will Shadowstep my target and quickly Kick it when pressed twice. Again, the ALT focus modifier is fully functional for both of those. So if i would hold alt while doing the above, it will go to my focus instead of my target. ____________________ 7.1 Modifiers ____________________ I already gave you a little sneak-peak at the Castsequence part, but ill explain it here. The following modifiers can be put in a macro: [combat] or [nocombat] Example: #showtooltip /cast [combat] vanish /cast [nocombat] stealth Easy one. [combat] means "when in combat". And [nocombat] means "when not in combat". [stance:x] Example: #showtooltip /cast [stance:1/3] Sap /cast [stance:0/2] Gouge This will check if the stance you defined matches the players current stance, all the classes stances are defined a bit down below. [mod] or [mod:alt/shift/ctrl] Example: #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Shiv; Backstab One of my favorites because you can literally use it for anything. Shiv will be cast on shift hold. Regular press is Backstab. [harm] or [noharm] Example: #showtooltip /cast [@focus, harm] Blind; Blind This one goes well with the target modifiers. This macro will cast Blind at your Focus but ONLY if its a hostile target. If the target is friendly it skips and casts Blind on target. [help] I don't think i have to give an example of this one, it is basically the opposite of [harm]. [dead] or [nodead] Example: #showtooltip /cast [@focus, nodead, help] tricks of the trade; tricks of the trade The last one, this one casts tricks of the trade on your focus. But only if your focus target is alive and friendly. This is useful if you want to cast tricks of the trade on your focus but have a boss there instead, or a dead player. So you can manually target it without getting an error. ____________________ 7.2 Stances ____________________ For a Rogue its the following: 0 = Normal 1 = Stealth 2 = Vanish 3 = Shadow Dance For a Warrior: 0 = No stance (does that even apply?) 1 = Battle Stance 2 = Defensive Stance 3 = Berserker Stance Druid: 0 = Normal 1 = Bear 2 = Aquatic 3 = Cat 4 = Travel 5 = Moonkin/Tree | Swift Flight Form* 6 = Swift Flight Form* *Only if feral. Priest: 0 = Normal 1 = Shadowform Warlock: 0 = Normal 1 = ???? 2 = Metamorphosis Death Knight's do not appear to have Stances, but feel free to add information on that. And the rest of the classes don't have any stances that would prove beneficial. ____________________ 8. Weapon Swapping ____________________ Having problems with that weapon enchant proc breaking your control? Or do you simply wish to swap your weapons without having to go to your equipmentmanager or bag? Well then, all you have to do is add this code to the ability you want to swap weapon on. Ofcourse you can also just put it on a button without an ability in it. Main Hand: /equipslot 16 WEAPON NAME Off Hand: /equipslot 17 WEAPON NAME Ranged: /equipslot 18 WEAPON NAME ____________________ 9. What can you not do with a macro? ____________________ Although possebilities seem endless.. there are some actions that can not be done with macros. Theise include: Checking for position Checking the amount of class resources or health you have left Cooldown of abilities (posseble with scripts, but not with an ordinary macro) Recognize procs Checking distance to target (range) For some of these you will need addons. Here is a list of some addons you might need for PvP and PvE PvP: Battleground Targets This addon lets you see all your enemies names that are in the battleground. Their class , race as well. Flag carriers too. It is fully customiseable , you can even set it to show only flag carrier without having to press M or look around for him. You can just enable your macros to hit target number 3 for example when he is in range. Weak Auras Shows you the duration of buffs / debuffs on yourself and cooldowns. So you know how to better time your skills and rotations Big Debuffs Shows the debuffs on the enemy in big icons and the duration. It's good when you are in arena especially , it shows you when your team mate stunned a target so you can switch targets to nuke that enemy. OmniBar Shows you when the enemy casts a debuff / stun / interrupt on you that has a cooldown on it. So you know when you should fake cast a spell or go all in without the fear of getting stunned , snared , etc. Gladius Shows you when the enemy has a effect on him that would harm you. It will show a big icon on the right side so you can avoid hitting the target or casting on the target while the effect is on. Example : Spell reflect , retaliation , evasion. PvE: Weak Auras Shows you the duration of buffs / debuffs on yourself and cooldowns. So you know how to better time your skills and rotations GTFO Shows you when you stand in something so you know when to move out. Even pro players need this sometimes so they don't wonder around aimlessly around the boss zone. Deadly Boss Mod A must .. and I repeat a MUST have addon if you are doing PvE. It shows you cooldowns , cast times , timers for boss abilities so you can prepare in advance with the tactic. Skada This is a better version of Recount. More optimized with more options. Shows you DPS / Damage done / Healing done / Heal per second / Damage tanked , etc. So you can compare your result with other players and see if you are subpar , onpar or abovepar with your team mates. ____________________ If you still need help with anything that is in my knowledge to answer , please let me know. Credit to Eléctrica - Copied his guide and added my list of addons.
  11. [TG255] Complete Guide to Miscs

    Nice guide. I'd add that Donor/Voter miscs are upgraded at the npc on the far right (in the picture) named Donor/Vote Misc upgrader . Vote/Donor miscs can be identified by having a small description. "Vote only item" , "Donor only item". Ofc not fully upgraded. Just from III to IV , and VIII to IX
  12. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][B][12.05.2016] [The Gods 255] Upgrades & Fixes:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST] [*]Amon and Amon's Soldiers have been corrected due to a database error. [/LIST]
  13. [TG255] Easy Bug Fixes

    Hello. This guide is meant to help players with the following problems. A sort of DIY (Do it yourself) troubleshooter. 1: Items appearing as "?" . Solution: Download WotG fix and EXTRACT it into Interface/Addons. After that go ingame to Character Selection Screen and enter the Addons tab on the bottom left. Enable the WOTG fix and tap "Load all out of date" . 2: Character not being able to speak any Language. Solution: Go to Welcome NPC in the middle of the MALL and complete the Learn Language quest. If that doesn't work you can try http://forum.worldofthegods.com/f17/you-can-not-speak-language-bug-22863/ 3: Character not being able to attack Solution: You have to delete a patch that is not related to WOTG and is from another server. Patches you are supposed to have: common common-2 expantion lichking patch patch-2 patch-3 patch-k (Lamborghini) patch-f (Cata/MoP mounts) patch-9 (Custom Titles) Any other patches aside from these should be deleted. There could also be the possibility you are using a ARAC Character (All Race/All Class Character) , what that means is that your Avatar has a Class that normally is not supported by the Race (Example: Night Elf Paladin , Human Hunter , Blood Elf Warrior) in this case you have to change your RACE to one that supports the Class by using a Character Recustomise Coin and going to Beauty Therapist. 4: Talents are bugged Solution: Head to Talent Fix NPC. It will learn you a spell that will further learn you Dual Talent Spec. If that doesn't work , after you went to Talent Fix NPC head to a trainer to try to learn the Dual Talent Spec. After you learned Dual Talents active them and problem solved. 5: Crashing when pressing "C" as a Druid. Solution: Write the following lines in chat: /console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee /console PlayerStatRightDropDown Melee /reload Or download Druid Barber Patch Any questions you have please reply and I will edit this post with more solutions.
  14. WarriorMacro! :D

    Heroic Strike*
  15. Paladin macro

    Warrior macros can't apply to paladins. Since warriors use Stance Dance macros. To switch stances/weapons and cast spells. or to stop mid bladestorm to cast charge or stuff like that. Only thing I can think of would be... [B]#showtooltip Avenger's Shield /stopcast /equipslot 16 link mainhand /equipslot 17 link shield /cast link spell(avenger's shield) #showtooltip /startattack /cast avenging wrath /cast !crusader strike /cast !judgement of light[/B] (have to press the macro 3-4 times) [B]/startattack /cast [nomodifier] Judgement of Light; /cast [modifier:shift] Judgement of Justice; /cast [modifier:ctrl] Judgement of Wisdom[/B] If you use Shift+button it will do judgement of justice. If you use ctrl+button it will use Judgement of Wisdom. If you do not use any button combo.. only the spell button it will do Judgement of Light now with that when you press it it will equit 1H/Shield and cast avenger's shield on the target. You will need another macro to get your 2H back on . that would be: /equipslot 16 link 2H but IDK if it will work since you can't equip a 2H and a shield at the same time. and there is no macro to unequip gear. You can try just to put your 2H weapon in your spell bar.. and click it see if it equips. then you don't need a macro Also usefull Warrior macros: #showtooltip Shield Block /stopcasting /cast Defensive Stance /equipslot 16 "MH HERE" /equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE" /cast Shield Block /cast Berserker Stance #showtooltip Shield Bash /stopcasting /equipslot 16 "MH HERE" /equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE" /cast Shield Bash /cast Berserker Stance #showtooltip Retaliation /Cast Battle Stance /Cast Retaliation /Cast Berserker Stance #showtooltip Spell Reflection /stopcasting /equipslot 16 "MH HERE" /equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE" /cast Spell Reflection /cast Berserker Stance #showtooltip Shield Wall /stopcasting /cast Defensive Stance /equipslot 16 "MH HERE" /equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE" /cast Shield Wall /cast Berserker Stance Rend Macro #showtooltip Rend(Rank 10) /cast Battle Stance /cast Rend(Rank 10) /cast Berserker Stance NOTE: When linking items do not use " ". Instead of writing the names of spells. Link them from Spellbook , it can be more effective and no risk of misstype