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  • Because ultimate weapons will become part of the voter chain when the revamp occurs, players can now exchange their ultimate weapon into class-based weapons at the Weapon Exchange NPC located in the mall. This NPC will be removed when we release the new content and after that, the ultimate weapons will not be considered as donor weapons any longer.


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  1. From Zero To Hero With Rogue's !

    too bad shiv got nerfed 1000% :c xD but i r8 8/8 m8 no h8
  2. dps per class

    Yes, we are aware there is inconsistency in the low level items, aka gods advanced weapons and alike, but this will be fixed properly with the gear update. And about hunters, yes, they have problems with soloing content. There is some plans "in the table" to buff their pets to be more tankier and hold the aggro for the hunter, but this will come eventually, since there is a lot going on about Class balance, as you may know but yes, will keep it in mind to fix that in the near future, hopefully, so thanks for pointing it out!
  3. Hunter PVP guide

    Nice copy paste! make sure, the next time you decide to copy another "guide", that it is for Wotlk patch ;)
  4. dps per class

    @Dufftheman make sure in the future, before giving such answer, to read properly, as I said, each class will have the corresponding amount of dmg, classes with high CC/sustain kits will have the least dps, while classes that lack more cc or sustain will have more, numbers are not randomized, everything is been looked at, so refrain yourself of such comments in the future ^^ @iroutakashi Mana costs are also taken into consideration, We may increase the mana cost for healing spells in relation to the total mana of certain classes, this been made in order to punish classes that try to spam heals constantly without any counter-consequence. About channel spells, that is how it works on this wow version, you can't avoid while channeling, but we are considering buffing channel spells to make it worth the risk, for the casters that have such spells, that is. You probably didn't test with the highest rank of each spell per class, damage coeficients are higher on the last rank of each spell (not all spells currently tho), and also some lower rank spells are disabled, for example, last rank of mind flay works currently (and is the highest dmg source for priests, currently) so check that out if you want ^^
  5. dps per class

    That's an interesting list you got there, it gives some sort of perspective into how classes currently stand (for new players, that is), at least at some point, considering you didn't use most effective dps rotations, but it gives hints on the potential of each class, on the theorist side, hopefully, with the new update, this dps amounts will be more balanced based on each class playstyle and kit, but hey good job, is nice to see someone else actually testing classes!
  6. More PvP In the Server !

    You dear friend, right there, couldn't be more wrong, new core fixed a lot of bugs on certain spells that weren't functionting properly, also, I'm currently working on balancing classes, at the end, all classes will be viable to play, unlike what we currently have, which is 3-4 classes viable only, after the release of the new core, every single class will be way more balanced than it ever was, enabling a more diverse pvp enviroment.
  7. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][B][28.07.2017] [The Gods 255] Upgrades:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST] [*] Added 4 new quests to "Miner Johnson" NPC to exchange Copper trinket, Iron Trinket, Gold Trinket and Diamond Trinket into the mats required previously to obtain them and Gods IV Ancient Trinket. [*]Copper ore, Iron ore, Gold ore and Diamond Ore now stack up to 2000 units. [*]Gold coin, Gold bar, Antique Fossil, Dragon Fragment, Almighty Fragment, Corrupted token and Gods token now stack up to 10000 units. [/LIST] [COLOR="#FF0000"][I]We advise you to delete your cache to be able to view these changes.[/I][/COLOR]
  8. Really mini list of suggestions #^.^#

    [quote name='bgkirobaby'][CENTER]As you know theese became the new thread-farming metod :>[/CENTER] Soo I just threw them here and im sure that they are really easy to make ^^. 1:Removing Profession limits -its annoying to change professions everytime u want to enchant ur weapon or to have ur sokets working. 2:Instant Mount up. -I suggested this before long time ago but got ignored.I know that we have the reindeer mount but...c'mon a little bit uniqueness.Make all them 100% mountspeeds instant and just leave the 200% one have cast.Or maybe the other way only 200% instant and the others with cast.It will make people want it more...guaranteed! 3:Mine Treasure bags from the Miner Joghnson's mines got rejected...ok why not make the material boxes drop some of ore and mining tokens from 5-20 random ores and max 2-10 mining tokens? 4:Another update after Extreme. Why not make them have unique chance of hit?Like for example Gods Extreme Two-hand Sword would have the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker's Chance of hit with a little bit ot tweaking.Like lets say 40-50k DPS on it. The quest would be related to some Old god of the air or something like that.I think it will bring some uniqueness on the weapons and will make them less better.Just please if you take this into consideration just remember! DONT MAKE IT FARM-RELATED TO THE MINING TRINKET OR THE OVERLORD'S RING.Becouse they are boring as Sundays. Please make more intresting names not something like Old Gods's Blessed Blade or Staff of The Ancient Knowledge. I will suggest some names. Ankh Shield-Spell shield The Starcaller-Spell Staff Wolfspirit's Claws- Fist weapons The Void Crystal - Two Hand Mace Display ID:Hammer of the Naaru The Curruptor - Warlock/Dk related. Shockwave - Melee Shield. The third suggestion might not sound serious but...I am.[/QUOTE] Nice Suggestions really! 1-. I'm sure this one is possible via dbc, tho the people who have access to it are usually busy in other projects, but hey, nice suggestion! 2-.This for sure its via dbc, now it sounds interesting, would be nice to add the glyphs as well to be instant cast, also would be better to have all of them instant but the 200%, so its actually not that op haha. 3-. Honestly, i'm currently working on some minor reworks here and there about the current content, and after i'm done with that, i plan to rework this one as well, probably will merge The Deadmines with the Mining Trinket quest chain, add the ore nodes there, have different mobs there, probably some nice boss which drop a special bag with all kinds of minerals for this quests, maybe rename gold coin and gold bar as well into another minerals and have them all be obtainable via mining or killing special mobs in the new deadmines. 4-. I'm also planing to close the gaps between non-voter weapons (VoA weapons) and voter weapons, add a new instance, or rework maybe nexus (where you actually upgrade your voter weapons) and make it a weapon sort of instance, where u get better non-voter weapons, and requirements for upgrading voter weapons. About adding a second upgrade for vote weapons, sounds very nice, would like to add here like the class weapons but with voter based stats, tho that is not up to me lol owners and HA would have to decide on that, but i would actually want to do this idea. In over all you got nice suggestions here, Keep dropping off whatever you got, i'm open to suggestions right now ^^
  9. Find 3 Words

    How i vault RXP
  10. Find 3 Words

    Farming my laziness (so lazy lol) WUY
  11. Find 3 Words

    Zebras engaging raccoons HOQ