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      TG255 is looking for testers!   03/04/2018

      The Gods 255 is looking for PvE content testers. If you're interested, send a private message to Malda.


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  1. Ayo

    Lmao man, after I geared ur ass u start callin urself alpha cow ? Keep dreamin boi, Keep dreaming You just made my day with that" Alpha cow " joke.
  2. From Zero To Hero With Rogue's !

    The Face Says it all ;)
  3. Hello everyone, I saw how people having trouble to find out how to play rogue's.... so I decided to make a guide about it after learning about the class for COUNTLESS minutes and becoming a Wrecking machine. First thing is to Put poisions on your daggers, Than go invisible. That should be simple Than you just click SHIV and roll ur head over the keyboard, Ez Pz you're Gone from ZERO TO HERO. nobody gonna be able to beat you, u got my word on that :)
  4. Hunter PVP guide

    Please, people copied lord pharaoh guide from the future, it's original work by almighty lord pharaoh, next time you better talk to him with some respect. Excuse me ??? He didn't copy anyone, cause if he did he wouldn't have all those grammatic mistakes.
  5. Hunter PVP guide

    oh mi gawd, lord pharaoh ! is this the macro's u use and everything ? :O oh mi gawd now I know why your skills are stronk af ! that's why a 9M war rekts u, I mean.... the other way around "Cough"Cough"
  6. Classes Summary

    nice copy-paste from another website, And before making a GUIDE you should learn how to play your own class... Cant believe an 18-19M hunt gets rekt by a 9M Warr :O
  7. More PvP In the Server !

    What Are you even talking about, PvP is more alive than it ever was, having a Daily 7vs7 in wsg is fine, and having people @Guru fighting every single day is good aswell, Nothing wrong with the current PvP except the fact that some classes have a few spells that doesn't work or cause crashes to everyone near them, which I am sure that it will be fixed within the newcore release. About PvE Being more alive than PVP, we simply can say that its cause u need to PVE in order to gain gear to be able to PVP, and since the dodge is 95% and high hp mobs in pve zones (Which is stupid) people would afk with auto-hit, so it would seem to you that players are dead. The Devs are working as much as they can, They made nothing wrong, infact they are the one's Who made Both PvE and PvP Alive again... You should really Thank them, if you think you can make a better work than feel free to apply for DEV... Small suggestion: ( Make the tier6 Quest that req 30kills count in WSG, cause right now if you kill people in WSG it doesn't count them in the quest ) Increase the resilience in the PvP Trinket V up to 150 or 200, its kinda low right now ( since gems give almost the same amount ).
  8. Self-Offend

    Anti-cheat fails to ban me, unlike the gm's, they sux :*
  9. Self-Offend

    is Mr "X" named pharaoh ? And Mr "y" Named abuhol ? kinda the usual thing happenin...Lol ill be more than happy to listen to you self-offend yourself, Than kill you. Did you have permission to do that ? @Pharaoh :> Ye.... this should be removed >.> Anti-cheat exist for a reason, so nobody should rat on others and report them, Even the gm's should not ban people who hack CAUSE there is anti-cheat for it, am saying that cause its true... not cause I got banned a lot"Cough"
  10. What if...

    i want to ban @Malda Reason: Being GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY

    League Rekt Dota Any day in the year
  12. [NEW] Count to 2,500!

    260 #neva
  13. [NEW] Count to 2,500!

    258 #BringAladoraBack. #FreeFloes.
  14. [NEW] Count to 2,500!

    256 you all sux
  15. [NEW] Count to 2,500!

    253 #PharaohForOwner