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  1. Hunter PVP guide

    It's not a copy from any site also i dont use the macros for persona reason
  2. Hunter PVP guide

    Okey.. a DK for you ^^ but only if i find people who support me on this post or i will stop doing guides
  3. Hunter PVP guide

    Yes i will @Badass after the staff fix the server also im trying to do an other post about a guide for rogue
  4. Hunter PVP guide

    +Core Abilities :tive is reduced by 50% Almed shot : use whenmaster marksman occurs Chimera shot : use to do dmagae the traget Arcane Shot : use to starta fight and when thrill of the hunt occurs. Steady Shot : use when you are low on focus Kill shot: use when your traget is below 20% health to make a final shot Kill command : use when availble Black arrow : Keep applied to traget to continuously damage Explosive shot : use when availble Scatter shot : use to do damage and disorients the traget for 4 sec Silencing shot : use to do damage and silences the traget for 3 sec Trap : use tokeep frozen / slowed /knowcking back / the traget Playing possum use when you have left little life or to disrupt a spell as it remove focus to the target. +Major and minor Glyphs : 1-Major Glyph of camouflage : your camouflage ability now provides stealth even while moving but your movment speed while camouflage is active is reduced by 50% Glyph of mirrored blades : when attacked by a spell while in deterrence you have 100% chance to reflect it back at the attacker Glyph of liberation : when disengage you are healed for 5% of your total health 2-Minor Glyph of lesser proporation : slightly reduces the size of your pet Glyph of aspect : each time you activate a new aspect an animal companion representing that aspect will follow you for 15 sec Glyph of marking : your hunter mark ability now places a bullseye on your traget instead of its usual visual +Macro : thank you google translate :)
  5. More PvP In the Server !

    This video can proof that PVP is not SUX in wotg But the problem that me SUX
  6. Classes Summary

    Well this is not a copy by an other site but it's true i didnt alone Someone helped me :P
  7. Classes Summary

    Many new players asks me what is the best class in world of the gods so.. i made this topic to answer his question i owuld say all classes are good here just you should know how to use it in PVP/PVE From knights in shiny armor to skulking stalkers and cunning spellcasters, each class in World of the gods presents unique challenges and gameplay for you to master. What is your calling? Warrior Tank, Damage Lords of War For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons. Class Information Warriors equip themselves carefully for combat and engage their enemies head-on, letting attacks glance off their heavy armor. They use diverse combat tactics and a wide variety of weapon types to protect their more vulnerable allies. Warriors must carefully master their rage – the power behind their strongest attacks – in order to maximize their effectiveness in combat. +Combat Roles Tank, Damage +Resources Health, Rage +Armor Type Plate, Shields +Available Weapons Daggers, Fist Weapons, Axes, Maces, Swords, Polearms, Staves Specializations Warrior talents can improve their already considerable defenses with a shield, increase their deadliness with two-handed weapons, or bolster their savagery while dual-wielding. Hunter Damage Inescapable Stalkers From an early age, the call of the wild draws some adventurers from the comfort of their homes into the unforgiving primal world outside. Those who endure become hunters. Masters of their environment, they are able to slip like ghosts through the trees and lay traps in the paths of their enemies. Class Information Hunters battle their foes at a distance, commanding their pets to attack while they nock their arrows and fire their guns. Though their missile weapons are effective at short and long ranges, hunters are also highly mobile. They can evade or restrain their foes to control the arena of battle. +Combat Roles Damage +Resource Bars Health, Focus +Armor Type Mail +Available Weapons Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Polearms Specializations Hunter talents primarily strengthen their pets; improve the damage, effectiveness, and duration of their traps; and increase the speed and power of their ranged attacks. Priest Healer, Damage Invokers of Light and Darkness Priests are devoted to the spiritual, and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. For millennia they have left behind the confines of their temples and the comfort of their shrines so they can support their allies in war-torn lands. In the midst of terrible conflict, no hero questions the value of the priestly orders. Class Information Priests use powerful healing magic to fortify themselves and their allies. They also wield powerful offensive spells from a distance, but can be overwhelmed by enemies due to their physical frailty and minimal armor. Experienced priests carefully balance the use of their offensive powers when tasked with keeping their party alive. +Combat Roles Healer, Damage +Resources Health, Mana, Insanity +Armor Type Cloth +Available Weapons Daggers, One-Handed Maces, Staves, Wands Specializations Priest talents can strengthen their ability to heal the wounded, endanger their foes with the power of Shadow, or empower themselves and others with protective prayers. Shaman Healer, Damage Adepts of the Elements Shaman are spiritual guides and practitioners, not of the divine, but of the very elements. Unlike some other mystics, shaman commune with forces that are not strictly benevolent. The elements are chaotic, and left to their own devices, they rage against one another in unending primal fury. It is the call of the shaman to bring balance to this chaos. Acting as moderators among earth, fire, water, and air, shaman summon totems that focus the elements to support the shaman’s allies or punish those who threaten them. Class Information During combat, shaman place damaging and controlling totems on the ground to maximize their effectiveness while hindering their enemies. Shaman are versatile enough to battle foes up close or at range, but wise shaman choose their avenue of attack based on their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. +Combat Roles Healer, Damage +Resources Health, Mana, Maelstrom +Armor Type Mail, Shields +Available Weapons Daggers, Fist Weapons, Axes, Maces, Staves Specializations Shaman talents can strengthen their ability to heal the wounded, empower their melee attacks with natural force, or call upon blistering elemental spells. Warlock Damage Channelers of Forbidden Powers In the face of demonic power, most heroes see death. Warlocks see only opportunity. Dominance is their aim, and they have found a path to it in the dark arts. These voracious spellcasters summon demonic minions to fight beside them. At first, they command only the service of imps, but as a warlock’s knowledge grows, seductive succubi, loyal voidwalkers, and horrific felhunters join the dark sorcerer’s ranks to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in their master’s way. Class Information Warlocks burn and destroy weakened foes with a combination of crippling illnesses and dark magic. While their demon pets protect and enhance them, warlocks strike at their enemies from a distance. As physically weak spellcasters bereft of heavy armor, cunning warlocks allow their minions to take the brunt of enemy attacks in order to save their own skin. +Combat Roles Damage +Resources Health, Mana, Soul Shards +Armor Type Cloth +Available Weapons Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Staves, Wands Specializations Warlock talents can improve the damage of their searing magics, increase the potency of their curses and persistent damaging spells, and empower their demonic servants. Druid Tank, Healer, Damage Savage Shapeshifters Druids harness the vast powers of nature to preserve balance and protect life. With experience, druids can unleash nature’s raw energy against their enemies, raining celestial fury on them from a great distance, binding them with enchanted vines, or ensnaring them in unrelenting cyclones. Class Information Druids are versatile combatants, in that they can fulfill nearly every role – healing, tanking, and damage dealing. It’s critical that druids tailor the form they choose to the situation, as each form bears a specific purpose. +Combat Roles Tank, Healer, Damage +Resources Health, Mana, Rage, Energy, Astral Power +Armor Type Leather +Available Weapons Daggers, Fist Weapons, Maces, Polearms, Staves Specializations Druid talents focus on improving the powers of their natural and animal forms, enhancing their ability to summon forth natural phenomena, or increase the potency of their life-giving healing magic. Paladin Tank, Healer, Damage Paragons of Justice This is the call of the paladin: to protect the weak, to bring justice to the unjust, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world. These holy warriors are equipped with plate armor so they can confront the toughest of foes, and the blessing of the Light allows them to heal wounds and, in some cases, even restore life to the dead. Class Information Paladins stand directly in front of their enemies, relying on heavy armor and healing in order to survive incoming attacks. Whether with massive shields or crushing two-handed weapons, Paladins are able to keep claws and swords from their weaker fellows – or they use healing magic to ensure that they remain on their feet. +Combat Roles Tank, Healer, Damage +Resources Health, Mana, Holy Power +Armor Type Plate, Shields +Available Weapons Axes, Maces, Swords, Polearms Specializations Paladin talents increase their ability to heal the wounded, strengthen their capacity to protect their companions, and allow them to deal out vicious damage in the name of justice. Rogue Damage Prowling Cutpurses For rogues, the only code is the contract, and their honor is purchased in gold. Free from the constraints of a conscience, these mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics. Lethal assassins and masters of stealth, they will approach their marks from behind, piercing a vital organ and vanishing into the shadows before the victim hits the ground. Class Information Rogues often initiate combat with a surprise attack from the shadows, leading with vicious melee strikes. When in protracted battles, they utilize a successive combination of carefully chosen attacks to soften the enemy up for a killing blow. Rogues must take special care when selecting targets so that their combo attacks are not wasted, and they must be conscious of when to hide or flee if a battle turns against them. +Combat Roles Damage +Resources Health, Energy, Combo Points +Armor Type Leather +Available Weapons Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords Specializations Rogue talents can strengthen their ability to hide in shadows, kill foes with quick, deadly strikes, and survive in extended slugfests. Death Knight Tank, Damage Heralds of Doom When the Lich King’s control of his death knights was broken, his former champions sought revenge for the horrors committed under his command. After their vengeance was won, the death knights found themselves without a cause and without a home. One by one they trickled into the land of the living in search of a new purpose. Class Information Death Knights engage their foes up-close, supplementing swings of their weapons with dark magic that renders enemies vulnerable or damages them with unholy power. They drag foes into one-on-one conflicts, compelling them to focus their attacks away from weaker companions. To prevent their enemies from fleeing their grasp, death knights must remain mindful of the power they call forth from runes, and pace their attacks appropriately. +Combat Roles Tank, Damage +Resources Health, Runic Power, Runes +Armor Type Plate +Available Weapons Axes, Maces, Swords, Polearms Specializations Death knight talents can bolster their defensive abilities by focusing on their ability to heal themselves, increase their damage and spell attacks, or summon forth minions and diseases by making use of their runes. Mage Damage Masters of Time and Space Students gifted with a keen intellect and unwavering discipline may walk the path of the mage. The arcane magic available to magi is both great and dangerous, and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. To avoid interference with their spellcasting, magi wear only cloth armor, but arcane shields and enchantments give them additional protection. To keep enemies at bay, magi can summon bursts of fire to incinerate distant targets and cause entire areas to erupt, setting groups of foes ablaze. Class Information Mages demolish their foes with arcane incantations. Although they wield powerful offensive spells, mages are fragile and lightly armored, making them particularly vulnerable to close-range attacks. Wise mages make careful use of their spells to keep their foes at a distance or hold them in place. +Combat Roles Damage +Resources Health, Mana +Armor Type Cloth +Available Weapons Wands, Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Staves Specializations Mage talents focus on enhancing individual schools of magic – quick, aggressive Fire spells; efficient, controlling Frost spells and punishing Arcane spells.
  8. Sneak Peak New Mall

    Thank you for your great efforts and standing by the staff thanks to your campaign ''make wotg great again'' has become much better than before. I'm really proud of you
  9. Youtube Channel

    Dearmy best friend in the world dont for get to subscribe in my yoputube channel in this link right now !!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI7mJLR6F7JzdFk4cmX2VFw?view_as=subscriber go ahead i support you
  10. Self-Offend

    Greetings ! Every human is the is word can do mistakes and fight with other people for example when Mr ''X'' enter Mr's ''y'' guild house . the ''y'' will report ''x'' to a gm. And Mr ''x'' can get ban when he is off . WIthout even let him self-offend and listen to him . So i suggest before we can someone for a mistake or mute him the staff should listen to him . Self-offend is a right you can go and check all the rules in the world from AMERICA to CHINA that was my sueggtion for today . BTW dont call me Mr pharaoh call me LORD pharaoh and you can atake a look at my last video


  12. how to kill terat

    in this video i want show how we killed terat easily with a vip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDswEAHqx-g&feature=youtu.be
  13. christmas theme

    https://imgur.com/a/4x8FO I wish every member of WoTG a marry christmas ! dont forget to eat much cookies Every one write his wishes for 2018 Regards, Lord Pharaoh (2017)
  14. Music Thread