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  • 2x VPs offer has been activated! Every vote counts twice than usual!
  • Because ultimate weapons will become part of the voter chain when the revamp occurs, players can now exchange their ultimate weapon into class-based weapons at the Weapon Exchange NPC located in the mall. This NPC will be removed when we release the new content and after that, the ultimate weapons will not be considered as donor weapons any longer.


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  1. Hello to all members of the WotG Forums! My name is Nocturin, and I'm the new Community Manager here. I'll tell you just a little bit about myself, and what my intentions are as Community Manager. But first, I would like to give a special thanks to @Poseidon for giving me this opportunity to assist him and @Isudanon with forum moderation! A little about me: I live in Canada, but not in an igloo (yes, Canadians DO have houses!). I'll just say I'm over 20 years old :P I've been with WotG for several years, and I do still log in-game if I'm not 2v2'ing on Clash Royale, playing Borderlands, or Cities: Skylines (I can hear you all now: NERD!) My intentions as Community Manager: I'm here simply to help with moderating the forums, and other tasks given to me by my superiors. I'm not the new ban hammer or mute machine. I won't ban/mute specific members just because they're disliked or their content/posts are disliked by other members (unless rules are broken). I'm not here to solve in-game issues as I'm not part of the in-game staff. If it's an issue I'm 100% confident I know the answer/solution to, then I'll answer. Otherwise I leave in-game issues to the in-game staff. My Expectations: All I expect from others is to be treated fairly and with respect. Naturally, as a member of the forum staff, I expect the forum rules to be followed. If a staff member makes a decision or comment, please by all means voice your opinion, but keep posts/replies civil. There's no need to bash or swear/curse at other members (this includes staff). Use the PM option if necessary. I do consider using characters ( #$&!* etc ) to replace letters in curse words as still swearing/cursing. If you can't be civil in your posts/replies then don't post. If things get out of hand in such discussions I'll close/lock that thread. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you have of me. Continue enjoying the forums and the server! Don't forget to vote! - Nocturin -