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  • Because ultimate weapons will become part of the voter chain when the revamp occurs, players can now exchange their ultimate weapon into class-based weapons at the Weapon Exchange NPC located in the mall. This NPC will be removed when we release the new content and after that, the ultimate weapons will not be considered as donor weapons any longer.


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  1. Hunter PVP guide

    ye cuz u open character page with C... and then right click ur trinket but you make a macro guide stop copy guides from other people u dont use any macro i have seen ur video
  2. dps per class

    all class should not have same dps if u make it like this u will destroy what is left of any pvp and make class which do heal OP u think heal class do same dps as non heal? NO u think class which do big CC do same DPS? NO! u think meele and cast do same DPS? NO!!! goddamn it
  3. More PvP In the Server !

    ik what 255 server can do and is only little more can be done here to make pvp ok pvp is fine but 3 class which is warlock druid and dk pvp never be balance pls only which will improve is more content from core nothing with pvp pvp is little and only cuz more player join cuz of nice updates has nothing with spell changes
  4. More PvP In the Server !

    no1 bashed u new core will prob make it worse with more spells which are gone cuz they not able to balance never be balance only little improve will never go better then now u dont even play
  5. More PvP In the Server !

    u make no sense wtf who care u duno even what u speak about
  6. More PvP In the Server !

    i dont think i say it never? 10 more pppl is very nice ofc but pvp will be fk like i said i log on myb 3-4 all i see is nobody pvp maybe 1 warsong bg every 2-3 days but was always like this... more player cuz ingame team do nice updates not cuz haste
  7. More PvP In the Server !

    man pvp is fked since haste u noobs wanted it for pve now u &*%!ed pvp will never be balance and nobody will ever do it that simple u can make it little better but is already not will be better now, ppl will leave this server if u force them to pvp here pvp can be fun for 5min here then gets big no from me, was said when haste came it will be fk and will be forever
  8. Sneak Peak New Mall

    cool duno if u can do it but like on the top platform make like a floating sign which has like PVP / SPELLS an stuff i see it on other server
  9. Classes Summary

    it's copy and pasted from the offical wow site here https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/game/classes/warrior replace warrior with class u want to see the others
  10. Unlimited

    u robbed my post to when forum came! hahahah! forum is dead! without this thread only kraxz and sky post this week! only thread post is update and u dont post it! 4 people online in forum but 40 ingame! forum had 6 post lowest a day before! now has 6 posts from player a month! grow up! all u did was upload skin! you rob all other people work and say forum is good! forum sucks now! i miss old forum! forum dont even load! i need use vpn to even load ur forum cuz it has so laggy i need load only basic html!!!!! and suck so bad i need VPN from america to eurpoe so even i can post!!! stfu!!
  11. Unlimited

    i think poseidon has flaw like everyone but maybe he need to ask why forum is dead and old forum has 5 time for active member! and why forum slow and big issue! maybe dont atk player like me to so much! and maybe u focus more on being good manager then having ur friend like all ur post to give you many like u dont deserve!!!! https://gyazo.com/44ea2ce15bbf2dfae70f4082bf095628 https://gyazo.com/950730252db8dee654e49aa951aef200 https://gyazo.com/9a1e06a26c46c2d3e49ad54469d1c887 maybe also dont tell member you did everything! all u did was transfer forum that someone else make and upload skin!! why ingame more player but forum loss player why ppl visit but no post this chat very immature i expect not from 8 year old
  12. what we care about

    i can server off my pc for 10 ppl with no issue pls give up forum still slow i ping it, same thing no lie to me and make excuse i make quest suggest ur not dev pls
  13. what we care about

    what we care about? fix the dns problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix the host forum take 10 years to load website to custom wep fix more quest what no care about? staff rank name staff rank lvl forum skin snowflakes broadcast excuse lie that host no suck thx for read, yes english 4th language but we all understand and want same thing!
  14. poseidon abuse

    poseidon did abuse today he banned me from chatbox only for only saying he should use old forum cuz this isnt fixed... this is true.. he should make old forum again cuz this one isnt fix.. no features or anything and offline 23 hours a day... he should fix this forum before changing it, you did a big abuse to ban me you are making server look newbie and unprofesstonial cuz this forum is offline all time and laggy and hardly nothing works... this ISNT insult IT IS FACT!! you shoul fix BEFORE you change to this forum... DONT FIX AFTER....... no wonder forum is dead cuz you are being like a child to ban for nothing no wonder ppl will quit yeh go del this post to like u del the chatbox i will make more reports for your abuse np i know u did many abuses so dont do more with del every post which report u cuz U BAN FOR UR OWN REASONS pls do something about this abuse pls ty i have to ask big question why you let him make this forum ACTIVE when U CANT EVEN POST! its offline! most places dont work! never loads! go fix before you do this new forum! forum was only reason many member stayed! now you fucked it up!!! go ban me then you can ban everyone like OTHER STAFF and you will be ALONE here!!!
  15. Fare thee well.

    meele dominate the 255 its sad also ye, i saw u ingame wait 5 hours for a ticket the staff wont accept they are inactive and need more