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[FAQ] Global FAQ for every kind of questions

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Frequently Asked Questions



This thread will be structured in 4 points:

  1. General
  2. Account
  3. In-Game
  4. Contact






Issue: How am I able to report a player?
Solution: Just make HERE a new thread. Keep in mind that you have to describe the whole problem/issue you got with that player. Also upload a screenshot on familiar websites (imgur, gyazo, etc.) so you can prove us the issue. Please use the proper sub-section.


Issue: How I can join the staff team?
Solution: Easily use the right form of the "forms-tab" on the top of the page. Read the rules of each form before applying.


Issue: I don't know the rules of World of the Gods but I got banned. Where can I read the rules of WotG?
Solution: You can find our rules HERE. There is NO excuse that you didn't know the rules. Every player automatically accepts them by creating a new account.


Issue: I am very sorry for breaking a rule. I don't want to be banned anymore. How can I get unbanned?
Solution: There are two solutions for this issue. Solution one is to be patient, read our rules (there are the ban times listed) and keep waiting till the ban is lifted. If you feel unfairly punished or you feel the ban duration is too long, feel free to create a ban appeal. Use the form "Ban Appeal" from the "forms" tab in the navigation bar of the forum. Now you need to be patient and need to wait how the staff team will handle your ban appeal. Creating again a ban appeal after you got denied, is not welcome.


Issue: I found a bug. Where can I report it?
Solution: Please use THIS compartment. Please describe the whole bug with ALL details, so we can fix this bug as soon as possible! Please use the proper sub-section.


Issue: I got a suggestion. Where can I post my suggestion?
Solution: You can post a suggestion HERE. Feel free to post a suggestion at any time! Please use the proper sub-section.


Issue: I created an application for joining the staff team but no Head Administrator/ Co. Head Administrator/ Lead Community Manager replied currently. What to do?
Solution: Please be patient and check from time to time your application. The staff needs time for it.


Issue: I want to talk in the forum about other stuff then World of Warcraft. Where can I post it?
Solution: Feel free to talk about whatever you want in THIS section.


Issue: I don't want to join the staff team, but I want to support World of the Gods with my web design/web program ideas/abilities.
Solution: Please post your abilities in THIS section.


Issue: I got a general problem and don't know where to post it.
Solution: Make a new thread in THIS section. Please describe your problem as detailed as possible so we can help as soon as possible.




Issue: Issue: How I am able to Vote?
Solution: Voting on our server is really easy. Just follow THESE instructions and you will receive the vote points.


Issue: I don't receive any Vote Points from voting for World of the Gods.
Solution: We got an unhackable/unbreakable system which is totally automatic. You can vote every 12 hours, with one account/one IP. If you got 2 or more accounts you will be able to vote with just one.


Issue: How much Vote Points do I got?
Solution: You can see a number of Vote Points at your User Panel on our WEBSITE, at the VOTE SHOP in-game. As a VIP you can easily type ".howmuch" in-game.


Issue: How I am able to Donate?
Solution: If you want to help our server with a small donation, you can also do this on our WEBSITE. Donating on our server is really easy. Just follow THESE instructions and you will receive the donor points.


Issue: I don't receive any Donor Points even though I donated for World of the Gods.
Solution: Sometimes you need to be patient. If you didn't get any Donor Points please feel free to make a new thread under the support section! The staff will take care of it as soon as possible.


Issue: How much Donor Points do I got?
Solution: You can see a number of Donor Points at your User Panel on our WEBSITE, at the VOTE SHOP in-game. As a VIP you can easily type ".howmuch" in-game.


Issue: I can't login into the website.
Solution: Check THIS website. Type in "www.worldofthegods.com". This website shows you if our website is just down for you or for everyone.


Issue: I am banned. How can I solve that issue?
Solution: Please use Use the "Ban Appeal" tab at the top of this page. Also, check your Account Panel on our website and tell us what status you got!


Issue: Am I allowed to use the Chat Box?
Solution: The Chat Box is currently open for every WotG-Member. Please read the specific rules for the Chat Box HERE.


Issue: How can I change my e-mail/password for the forum account?
Solution: Click HERE for changing your email and click HERE for changing your password.


Issue: I don't want my current name on the forums anymore. Is there a way to change my name?
Solution: Yes, you can change your name in any you want, which are not taken or against any rules. Just write Poseidon a private message on the forum and he will do it as soon as possible.


Issue: How can I change the settings from my forum profile?
Solution: Click HERE and it will solve your issue.


Issue: I didn't get my VIP rank on the forum but I donated. How to solve that issue?
Solution: Check out THIS thread and follow the simple steps in order to claim your VIP rank on the forum.


Issue: I still didn't receive my VIP/Donor rank on the forum but I did everything exactly like above wrote.
Solution: Please be patient. This matter can take up to a day or two, depending on who's handling the matter. If it's been days and you still haven't received your VIP/Donor rank, please contact the Forum Developer or a Head Administrator regarding the matter.




Issue: How I am able to contact a Game Master?
Solution: If you need in-game help from a Gamemaster, there is a simple way to contact one. At the bottom Action Bar, you can see a red "?". Click it. "Talk to a GM" - "Open a ticket" - Type in your whole problem in full sentences, click "submit" and a Gamemaster will take care of your problem as soon as possible. But please be patient, not every Gamemaster can solve every kind of tickets.


Issue: Where I can see a preview of a visual spell?
Solution: Just click HERE. We got a HUGE thread just for the preview of visual spells which can be received!


Issue: I stuck at connection and I can't login to the server.
Solution: Check our website if the Servers are up. You can see it the "up-time" under the header. If the server is up, just check out THIS thread and your problems will be solved!


Issue: My Druid of Level 100 let the game crash. How can I solve it?
Solution: Easily type in these lines. Line by line.
/console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee
/console PlayerStatRightDropDown Melee


Issue: I don't know anything about "The Gods 255". How do I get started?
Solution: Check out our HUGE "The Gods 255 Tutorial" HERE.


Issue: I am stuck in combat - how to solve this issue?
Solution: There are two ways to solve this problem. First, you can make a ticket in-game for a Gamemaster and he will help you. If there is no Gamemaster available you can just close the World Of Warcraft program and reopen it again. The first way is more comfortable for you, the second way is a bit tortuous for you but also works fine. Occasional, using your hearthstone will break the binds of being in combat.


Issue: I got question marks instead of normal "thumbnail" on every custom item - how to solve this issue?
Solution: Because we have lots of custom items, we need to offer our custom patches. You can download every custom patch one by one, but we also have a custom launcher which will install all of our custom patches (which are required) automatically. You can find the patch for the red "?" HERE. If you want our custom launcher, you can find it HERE.


Issue: I can't complete a quest - how to solve that issue?
Solution: There are different ways to solve this problem. At first, you can log off, delete your "Cache-Folder" in your WoW-Directory and log back in. If this didn't help you can abandon the quest and retake it. If there is something not replaceable or easy to get again, make a ticket in-game and a Gamemaster will complete the quest for you. (hint: Do not try to trick us, we see everything and don't want you to get in trouble)




If you feel like you want to contact any staff member because of any troubles, problems or issues feel free to contact them.

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