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  • 2x VPs offer has been activated! Every vote counts twice than usual!
  • Because ultimate weapons will become part of the voter chain when the revamp occurs, players can now exchange their ultimate weapon into class-based weapons at the Weapon Exchange NPC located in the mall. This NPC will be removed when we release the new content and after that, the ultimate weapons will not be considered as donor weapons any longer.

Tutorial: How To Vote (+ video)

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If you don't want to read any text and prefer a video, please click here or scroll down to the next post!
A special thanks to Vept for his helping hand!

By following these steps you are able to earn Vote Points and spend them in-game for unique items.
I will try to explain it as easy as possible.
If you still do not understand it you can send me a private message and you will receive help from me as soon as possible.


Open your web-browser (the WotG staff team recommends Google Chrome for Windows users and Safari for MAC users).
Go to the World of the Gods homepage "www.worldofthegods.com".

Create a new account or login with your already existing account data.

Click on the top of the page the round button "User Panel" (if you see "Join World of the Gods" instead of "User Panel" you are not logged in).

Scroll down until you see the "Vote Now" button on the left side and click it.

A webpage with 9 available vote-sides will appear.
One image belongs to one vote-side from which you can get Vote Points.


By clicking every image one by one you will get forwarded to a new side (mostly the new site opens in a new tab of your web-browser).


In this new tab, you have to solve a capture or a human verification. Solve it and you will get forwarded to a new web page again.
A list with all World of Warcraft private server will appear.

By hitting "Ctrl+F" (or "Ctrl+G" for Google Chrome users) on your keyboard and typing "gods" in the new small field which appears your browser will "scroll down" automatically for you till the banner from World of the Gods will get shown.
(you can scroll down till you see the World of the Gods banner manually too but this takes more time)

Click on the World of the Gods Banner (or just the headline).

You will get forwarded automatically back to "www.worldofthegods.com/vote".
Now you can see that you already voted for one vote page and are able to vote again in 12 hours.


Now you are going to repeat step 6 till step 9 and you will receive the Vote points.


You are able to vote EVERY 12 hours. (Example: If you voted the first time at 07:00 AM your next chance to vote is 07:00 PM.)
If you have the most Vote Points in a week you will get extra Vote Points as a "thank you very much for voting" from World of the Gods.
This is an automatic-system. More information can be found here.
You need to solve every captcha or human verification to support World of the Gods with a vote. If you will skip that point World of the Gods will not receive a vote from you.
Do not use any scripts which prevent to properly represents a web page. Do not worry. We do not track you.
Do not use any proxies, VPNs or any kind of third party programs while voting. You can get banned for this.
If you find a bug or an exploit, please be so kind and forward this bug with much details as possible on our forum. Just follow this link. Keep in mind to use the correct prefix for your bug report!

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Just a "raw" guide video on how to Vote, i made it due to a lot of people asking in-game how to vote and what's up with Voting System !


The Step 8(ctrl+F) i used in the video can be found in link below ! READ IF ANYTHING IS UNCLEAR FROM THE VIDEO !


Please share !

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