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Character Issues

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I created an account for my daughter to play and she has created a couple of characters.  When you log into her account only one shows up.  If you choose to select realm it shows she has three.  The one that is showing up she says she made intially as a female but it is now a male.  Any help on what may be going on would be appriciated.  My account does not have these issues.  The only issue i have is you cannot open character on my druid it crashes the game.

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Hello, @oldwowfan!


To start things off, your daughter's characters were "deleted" from the list because she logged out with a morph. A morph is anything which changes the appearance of your character. This could be an item which changes your appearance, shapeshifting, etc. To ensure that is does not happen again in the future, please let her know to not log off while morphed. You can demorph by using your Portable Teleporter companion, interacting with it and pressing DeMorph. This is a core bug, and we have a new core coming, so hopefully it won't be a bug much longer.


To get her characters back on the list, please create an in-game ticket asking for the in-game staff to fix the character(s) genders. Please provide the names of the characters in the ticket.


The crash you experience is client-side and it's all Druids above level 100 who experience this. There are two ways to fix it:

1) If you downloaded the client from World of the Gods, you should have an extra executable file. It should be called "DruidBarberpatch.exe" or something along those lines - excuse my ignorance, I don't have the client provided by World of the Gods installed. Use that executable as opposed to the normal "wow.exe" and you shouldn't experience the crashes. If you don't have another executable, you can download it here -



2) You can fix the character panel crash problem by entering the following lines in chat (or as a macro):

/console PlayerStatRightDropDown Melee
/console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee


If you use method 2, don't change the stat list on the panel, otherwise you'll experience the crashes again.


If you require any further assistance, feel free to respond to this thread.

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Thank you so much.  Will be using the druidbarber fix and have told my daughter about the issue.

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