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The Forum's Online Shop

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The Forum's Online Shop

What is the forum's online shop?

The forum's online shop has been implemented to bring more life to the forums.

This shop is built upon so-called "Points". But let us move this topic to a paragraph below.

How does the forum's shop work?

The forum's online shop offers different things to buy.

Those things include profile customizations, such as member title changes, username changes, reputation strongboxes and the ultimate "Reset my Warning Points-package". Additional to these profile customizations, I've included automated forum games, such as "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" and "Guess the Number".

You need points to be able to buy these specific features.

What are "Points"?

These "Points" are the forum's online shop main currency.

How do I earn those "Points"?

As soon as you register an account, you'll receive 10 points to begin with.

Every forum member, which has a registered forum account with the member group "Member" or higher, will receive a one-time 100 Points package (see "Ranking System" for more information.).

If you hold the member group "VIP Member" you'll receive an additional one-time 100 Points package.

For each day you're active on the forums, you'll receive 2 Points.
(This does not mean logging in for a second and logging out afterward will guarantee you these 2 points.)

For each topic/post/comment, you create, you'll receive 5 to 10 points (this depends in which forums you're posting.)


You cannot donate for Points, the only way to obtain them is via the system mentioned above.

What does the forum's online shop offer?

Profile Customizations:

Forum name changes;
Member title changes;
Reputation Strongboxes;
Ultimate Package - Reset my Warning points

Automated Forum Games:

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock;
Guess the number





You're NOT allowed to farm posts or post unnecessary comments to get more points.
(We believe in a civilized and mature community.)

If you're doing so, your comment(s) will be removed and your current points will be reduced by 10%.

(Removing a comment will remove the gained points for this comment too.)



You are allowed to send your purchased feature to another member.

(Don't forget: You're not allowed to have any secondary forum accounts - see Rule #7 of the Forum Rules.)




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