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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5
  • Due to the latest upgrades of our Legion realm, the download links of the full game client has been changed to provide a full game client which is user friendly. The new client can be found here.


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  1. Date of the Changes: 05/18/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL Changes: Core/Garrison Add garrison Scripting, fix garrison upgrade, fix building completion Game/Garrison Fix building rotation Scripts/Draenor Fix "Finding a Foothold" Spells/SpellInfo Fix calc value for some SPELL_AURA_MOD_DAMAGE_PERCENT_TAKEN mods Fixes DK start area (part 2) DB/Proc Fix "Soul of the Slaughter" proc chances Spells/Priest Fix divine star Spells/Priest Fix Halo DB/Misc: a lot of fixes in TBC content, WotLK content ( Quests,NPC's,Dungeons,spawns ) Spells/Priest atonement cleanup Spells/Shaman Fix Crashing Storm crash DB/SAI Fix Val'Sharah cutscene issue DB/SAI: added Darkheart Thicket Dungeon scripts DB/SAI: added Court of Stars Dungeon scripts DB/SAI: added The Seat of the Triumvirate Dungeon scripts DB/SAI: added Mardum, the Shattered Abyss zone scripts Scripts/Spells: Fixed eviscerate and envenom damage Core/Spells: Implemented optional power cost DB: Throne of the Tides Spawns Improvements DK Star Area (part 1) Add spell 88163 (Attack) to warriors action bar Add missing reputation to Outland quest Temp fix for Quest: Lou's Parting Thoughts Scripts/Level110 Auto-add hunter class hall taxinode Start worgen race in Guilneas. Some fix for human start area. Spells/Paladin Fix Crusade Scripts/Paladin Fix Fervent Martyr + Enum cleanup Spells/DH Fix crash Spells/Paladin Fix Righteous Protector Core/SpellHistory Add ReduceChargeCooldown helper method DB/DBErrors Fix last SAI errors Core/Spell Fix Spell::TakePower + DK Cleanup Core/SmartScript Expand SendPlayVisual and Orphan Visual DB/Fix: phase gobject fix in Gilneas City Core/Entities Fix damage on lower expansion for DK start zone Spells/Shaman Fix Feral Spirit energize Spells/Shaman Fix Crashing Storm Spells/Shaman Fix Windfurry Spells/Shaman Fix Stormlash Spells/Shaman Fix Maelstrom Weapon Spells/Shaman Fix FlameTongue DB/Fix:more fixes in Worgen start area Core/Misc: Fixed rotation of many gameobjects summoned in tol barad, garrison and various scripts Spells/Shaman Fix overcharge Spells/Shaman Fix earth grab totem Spells/Warlock Fix Thalkiels Consumption damages Spells/Shaman Fix Earth & Fire elemental summon Spells/Shaman Fix Tidal wave Spells/Shaman Fix proc Elemental Focus only on critics Spells/Shaman Fix Elemental Blast carac bonus Spells/Shaman Fix earth shock damages Spells/Shaman Fix Lava Surge Spells/Shaman Fix healing surge cast time Core/Script Add new spell hook "OnCalcCastTime" Core/SmartScript Allow to send Play Spell Visual DB/Quest Re-Add deleted quest_templates + disable them Spell/Shamane Fix Healing Rain Spells/Shamane Fix Earthquake Core/SmartScript Fix log crash Spells/Shaman Fix Earthen Rage Spells/Shaman Re-order & cleanup spell list DB/World Fix Karthax loot table Spells/Paladin Fix Tyr's Deliverance Fix npc_transmogrifier DB/World Fix npc 42014 inhabitType Spells/Shamane Make travis happy Core/Maps: Fixed loading vmaps and mmaps in instances Spells/Shaman Fix Rainfall Core/Aura Add "ModDuration" method Core/Unit Add summoned creatures helpers DB/Fix: fixed Gnome 1-5 lvl start area Spells/Warrior Fix execute rage consumption Spells/Priest Fix void eruption powercost Spells/Warrior Fix commanding shout Spells/Priest Try to improve void tendril again DB/World Remove incorrect scriptname to fix crash Scripts/ShadopanMonastery Fix crash Spells/Druid Fix typo Scripts/NpcSpecial Correct fix for argent_squire_gruntling Spells/Druid Fix Feral Affinity Spells/Priest Improve void tendril script to make sure he'll cast his spell
  2. Date of the Changes: 05/05/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL Changes: Spells/Hunter: fixed binding shot Spells/Druid: fixed Ashamane Frenzy Spells/Druid: fixed Ferocious Bite damage calculation Spells/Priest: fixed Vampiric Touch dispel fear Spells/Druid: fixed typos Spells/Druid: fixed 3 spells Spells/Priest: fixed voidform Scripts/Spell: fixed Shadow Priest artifact spell "Call to the Void" Spells/Priest: fixed Misery Scripts/Command: added blackmarket command to modify auction duration DB/Fix: fixed Troll 1-5 lvl start area DB/World: added condition for Light of Dawn damage DB/Fix: fixed Draenei 1-5 lvl start area DB/Fix: fixed Tauren 1-5 lvl start area DB/World: fixed Tiger Peak & Tolviron Arena doors DB/Fix: fixed Pandaren 1-5 lvl start area DB/Fix: fixed Dwarf 1-5 lvl start area DB/Fix: fixed Human 1-5 lvl start zone Core/Player: fixed issue with PvP rules not being permanent in PvP areas Spells/Priest: fixed crash DB/Fix: fixed Worgen 1-5 lvl start area DB/Fix: fixed Orc 1-5 lvl start area Spells/Druid: fixed Passive Spell Gore DB/World: fixed WoW crashes Core/Arena: fixed grouped skirmish for CanJoinBattlegroundQueue DB/Waypoints: added over 1500 waypoints for 46 special creatures DB/SAI: added Black Rook Hold Dungeon scripts DB/Quest: The Sleeper Has Awakened DB/Spell: stopped some auras from removing stealth DB/Quest: Vyletongue Corruption DB/Creature: Fang and Erk Core/Units: Implemented versatility Core/Arena: fixed skirmishes Spells/Warrior+Warlock: fixed Commanding Shout + Shadowy Inspiration + Summon Dreadstalkers DB/Misc: fixes in Blood Elf start zone DB/SAI: added Maw of Souls Dungeon trash mobs scripts Fixed approx. 4000 lines of db errors
  3. Date of the Changes: 04/26/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL Changes: DB/SAI: added Siege of Orgrimmar trash mobs scripts Core/Conf: added GuildSave DB/Quests: Update RequiredSkillID in quest_template_addon Core/Skinning Fix creature scaling skinning DB/Standarts: name fixed Core/Spells: Fix display for Shaman totems DB/World Add "Battle Pet Training" to trainers Core/BattlePets Limit wildbpet to 3 Core/Instance Fix ressurection after wipe Core/BattlePets Allow player to collect battlepet Scripts/Rhyolith Store GUID instead of pointer to fix crash Core/BattlePets Fix crash
  4. Date of the Changes: 04/24/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL, Midas Changes: Core/BattlePets More work Add missing script name to DB Core/Guild: Implemented guild master dethrone Core/Guild: Broadcast GuildMemberUpdateNote to all members Added Terrace of Endless Spring trash mobs Spells/Tanaan Fix "Taste of Iron" scene cancel Core/Guild: Handle changing the leader in one db transaction DB/SAI: added Mogu'shan Vaults trash mobs DB/Quests: Update ProvidedItemCount in quest_template_addon Core/BattlePets Minor re-ordering & DBC handling DB/Quests: Update ProvidedItemCount in quest_template_addon DB/Quest: Suspicious Hoofprints (Horde Version) DB/Quest: Call of Fire DB/World Fix Wandering Island Typo DB/Instance: Hour of Twilight DB/Quest: The Lord of Blackrock DB/World Fix Wandering Island phasing DB/Creature: Magrami Spectre DB/Quest: To Catch A Sparrowhawk DB/Quest: The Ward of Wakening
  5. Version 7.3.5


    You have to download this latest patched Wow.exe and Wow-64.exe so you can play our updated Legion of the Gods 7.3.5!
  6. Date of the Changes: 03/02/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL Changes: The crashes caused by Battlegrounds have been fixed! You can now queue for Battlegrounds again!
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  9. Hey would you mind adding the 120 DP i paid for through PayPal? Thank you!

  10. Date of the Changes: 12/06/2017 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL, Lineright Changes: The rank "Trial GM" has been renamed to "Trial Game Master" The rank "GM Assistant" has been renamed to "Game Master Assistant" The rank "Elite GM" has been renamed to "Supervisor" Developer is now rank 6, and Administrator is now rank 7.
  11. Date of the Changes: 10/12/2017 Executive Staff Member(s): ZeuL Changes: Bad PHP extensions have been removed from the server to get a more secure website and forum!
  12. Hello, I want to announce that Allopass system supports more systems and countries now! But that's not all, we also have some bonus DP's for high amounts: 9.0 Donor Points for 8 EUR 12.0 Donor Points for 10 EUR 17.0 Donor Points for 15 EUR 25.0 Donor Points for 20 EUR 38.0 Donor Points for 30 EUR 55.0 Donor Points for 40 EUR 70.0 Donor Points for 50 EUR
  13. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][B][24.03.2017] [The Gods 255] Upgrades:[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [LIST] [*] [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Starting Arrows[/COLOR] are no longer bound when equipped.[/B] [*] [B][COLOR="#669933"]Gods Arrows[/COLOR] nerfed to the ground.[/B] [*] [B]Hunter Vote 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Donor I & Donor II stamina reduced by 20%.[/B] [*] [B]Little Engineer dot damage has been nerfed (wasn't fixed with merge).[/B] [*] [B]VIP's now has the permission for the .mailbox command.[/B] [*] [B]Merged "vote" and "donor" miscellances into one item. No difference anymore. We are also working on preventing old items to appear in certain quest rewards.[/B] [*] [B]Uninstanced the mining zone. You can now actually see other players without a group.[/B] [*] [B]The TAXI now has a Mining Farming Zone option.[/B] [*] [B]Mining Farming Zone is now a sanctuary area.[/B] [/LIST] [COLOR="#FF0000"][I]We advise you to delete your cache to be able to view these changes.[/I][/COLOR]
  14. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][22.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Fixed crash bug from [B].pinfo[/B] command. Now is stable again! [*]Updated Core and world with a lot of new fixes: [INDENT]Core/ItemTemplate: remove excedent #includes;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Core/Packet: convert query packets into new system;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Properly stop attacking after player leaves ffa area (like Gurubashi);[/INDENT] [INDENT]DB/Loot: remove some incorrect drops of three quest reward items;[/INDENT] [INDENT]DB/Creature: Fix respawn time for some npcs added in a previous commit;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Corrected points per level calculation for some spells;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Core/Creatures: Remove template immunities only for hunter pets;[/INDENT] [INDENT]DB/Creature: Add and fix some trash mobs in Ulduar;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Core/Spells: Fixed some item ranged spells dealing wrong damage;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Core/Auras: Allow passive auras from items to stack;[/INDENT] [INDENT]Update spell_item.cpp.[/INDENT] [*]Quests freeze bug fixed! [/LIST]
  15. Latest Upgrades & Fixes

    [SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#FFFF00"][13.02.2017] [Nightfallen 80] Upgrades:[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [LIST] [*][B]Teleporter[/B] updated; - Translated by Poseidon, reworked by Instadev [*][B]Playtime reward[/B] system added with next rewards: 150 Gold, 20 Arena Points and 300 Honor Points every hour; [*][B]VIP Vendor[/B] crash bug fixed. [/LIST]