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If you have issues connecting to the realm "The Gods 255", please follow these steps:

  1. Open your WoW directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder "../Data/enUS".
  3. Open the "realmlist.wtf" with an editor.
  4. Change the content to (depends on which content you have right now):
    set realmlist worldofthegods.com
    or to
    set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
  5. Save it the "realmlist.wtf" and close it.
  6. Delete your "Cache" folder.
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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5 (26654)
  • Our Legion realm has been upgraded to the latest version. You'll need a new "patched WoW.exe" which only needs to be replaced with the already existing one. The patched .exe file can be found here. Please take all the details and information from the previous link's description.


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    Umm.....based on the last few weeks....shouldn't the guides be left to Pharaoh? Just wondering... Your guide is nice and quick though, so gg on that :)
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    These are nice tips, Zeraax. Unfortunately I don't see a 'like post' or 'give rep' button, otherwise I'd be hitting both buttons. Good job anyways.
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    Thank you Captain Obvious for pointing that out...
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    Eh... "Normal" players are important too.... Opinion as to whether it should be moved to VIP section could vary. On one hand, yes, VIP section would be a good place for it, as "Normal" players don't have access to the morph command. On the other hand, allowing normal players to read the list gives them a little taste of what they could do, should they become VIP. Also, if a normal player would like to be morphed into a specific ID, they can look on the list, get the morph name/number, and ask a VIP (or a fun-loving staff member?) to morph them and provide the ID (less time spent for said VIP to look up the morph ID) ... [COLOR="#00FFFF"]"hey, can you please morph me into <morph name + ID>?"[/COLOR]
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  8. <p><p>whats the problem? ?</p></p>