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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5
  • Due to the latest upgrades of our Legion realm, the download links of the full game client has been changed to provide a full game client which is user friendly. The new client can be found here.


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  1. Date of the Changes: 05/18/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The forum has been upgraded to the latest available version. With this upgrade the following things have been fixed: The search function has been fixed. No error will occur anymore if you're trying to use a search term with less than 4 characters. The forum's speed has been increased. The forum's stability has been increased. The forum's security has been increased. The search function of the forum has been optimized: The minimum characters of a search term have been decreased to 3 instead of the previous 4. A preview of the last 10 topics/comments/reviews/etc. of the entered search term will occur before hitting the "ENTER" button. This preview shows all details about the found topic/comment/review/etc. A "Board Life Status" has been implemented at the bottom of the main site. This status shows all members since when the new forum is live and has been exchanged from the old forum (vBulletin) to the new forum (Invision Power Board). A scroll indicator has been implemented which shows the scroll status to keep an overview of your current browsing site's size. A new feature which I call "Important Notes" has been implemented. These notes have the meaning to keep track of the most important information. These are in addition to the "News Ticker" which is below the navigation menu. The "Online Indicator" which were beside the member's name at each topic has been changed to the current member's device. An "Online Indicator" has been added as a border around everyone's profile picture to make the Online/Offline status even more clear. A custom message has been added to the "Contact Us" form on the bottom of the page.
  2. Date of the Changes: 05/12/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system has been implemented. This system can be found either by following this link or simply in the navigation menu of the forum. The FAQ system covers the following: General issues Account issues In-game issues Contact forms If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me via a private message.
  3. Date of the Changes: 05/07/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The Chatbox has been upgraded to the latest version. The Chatbox's speed has been increased Minor bugs fixes have been executed. A new reputation button called "Thank you for this post!" has been added. As of now, you can choose if you simply want to upvote a post or clearly want to say "Thank you". A feature has been added which shows all reactions and who has reacted (upvote/thank you) for every post without needing to click the "Who has reacted" button. A Leaderboard has been added to the forum which shows the most reputation for a member for each day. The top 3 members which had the most reactions a day can be viewed at the leaderboard (Navigation Menu > Browse > Leaderboard) Every member who was at the top 3 at a day receives automatically a badge which is displayed at their profile.
  4. Date of the Changes: 05/03/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: As of now, you're able to choose YOUR member of the month for each month. This can be done either at this link (This link can be found in the navigation menu under "Browse > Member Of The Month",) or via the forum sidebar's widget: You can only vote ONCE a month. Vote advisedly and not by choosing a random member. Vote for a member which really deserves the "Member Of The Month" title.
  5. Date of the Changes: 04/30/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The friendly URLs have been activated and configured. This means that there's no "/index.php/..." in every URL of the forum anymore. The background of the "News Ticker" function has been edited to fit the forum's colours.
  6. Date of the Changes: 04/26/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: A new sub-forum of the announcement forum has been created. The changelog topic has been split into single topics for each changelog to keep every changelog neat, tidy and clean. A new sub-forum of the changelog forum has been created for the realm Legion of the Gods. The "Back to the Top" button has its colour changed to fit the other forum's buttons. Bug reports for the realm "The Gods 255" need to be done via forms as of now. (These forms can be found in the navigation menu of the forum on the top of the page). Bug reports for the realm "The Gods 255" have been split into 6 different categories to help the Developers categorize the reported bugs: Item Bug Report Spell Bug Report Quest Bug Report PvE Bug Report PvP Bug Report Other Bug Report A new sub-menu called " In-Game Help" of the navigation menu has been added to provide better and more efficient help to players. A mass email has been sent to all members which were inactive for more than 6 months to give it a try to improve the servers population. (Keep in mind that maybe not every inactive member has received this email yet).
  7. Date of the Changes: 04/25/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The colour of the following forums and sub-forums have been redesigned or added to diverge the different realms, the website or forum related topics: The Gods 255 Legion of the Gods Forum Website Some forums have changed their positions. The colour while hovering a link has been changed for all three available themes. The base colour of the forums has been brightened up a bit. The colour of all buttons of the "Beloved" theme has been changed to not confuse any members with similar colours of the "The Gods 255" forums and the button colour.
  8. Date of the Changes: 04/23/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: A new theme has been added which is named "Animated Theme". You can choose the theme from the Theme menu the bottom of the page. This theme reduces the amount of data which is used to load the forums for your device and it's similar to the theme we had on the vBulletin forums. I hope you like it.
  9. Date of the Changes: 04/22/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon, Isudanon Changes: The forum's posts have been grammatically corrected. The icons in the navigation menu have been edited. The navigation tab "Website" has been fixed and reduced to a singe link. People who want to register a new account as of now, need to solve the reCAPTCHA v2 instead of v1 (v1 has been abandoned by Google as of today) The reCAPTCHA security has been improved to "very secure". The member group "Board Newbie" has been adjusted due to the new reCAPTCHA feature. Board Newbies no longer need their posts approved. This is only testing phase that will last 7 days, and may be adjusted depending on how it works out with the new reCAPTCHA feature. Members which have the "Board Newbie" member group will now be promoted to the member group "Member" after 3 posts and 1 week of being registered. The forum's settings have been adjusted to give members of those countries which have issues with the forum's speed another new chance. (The forum speed issue occurs mainly for members which have issues with their internet provider since not every internet provider can handle offshore websites).
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Download the .zip file from Google Drive. Extract the .zip file. Copy the "Wow.exe" and the "Wow-64.exe" into your already existing Legion 7.3.2 WoW folder and replace them with the current files. Double click the "Wow.exe" or the "Wow-64.exe" and wait until the World of Warcraft Window opens. (The upgrades will be done in the background. Therefore, it may take up to 10 minutes.)
  11. Date of the Changes: 04/06/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: The permissions for the member group "Guests" have been adjusted. Guests can only view the following navigation menu items as of now: Browse Staff Website Guests can only view the following sections as of now: Latest News Rules & Regulations World of the Gods Staff Black List Guides The "Guest Signup Widget" has been adjusted. (The "Guest Signup Widget" explains to a non-logged in member what the forum is about, what he needs to take under consideration, and which functions will be unlocked as soon as he registers a new account or logs in with an account.) The permissions for all member groups regarding the forum's search function have been set to unlimited. This means you don't need to wait anymore before considering a new search term. Additional to that, minor search errors have been fixed regarding the search function. The "Downloads" tab of the navigation menu has been organized and categorized. The Security of the forum has been improved.
  12. dear sir 

    i got it from GM

    so no need to reply me 

    thanks alot



  13. hi dear sir 

    i need a help for visual, visual of bird that fly on our head 

    can u please help me to purchase that i have visual coin



    1. Poseidon


      Please make a ticket in-game. Game Master will take care of your request.


      In the meanwhile, here's a list of the most available visual spells: 


  14. Date of the Changes: 03/29/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: A small floating button in the bottom right corner has been added to the forums. If you click it you'll get back to the top of the page. An automatic warning has been added to the bottom of each topic which hasn't a reply for more than 30 days. This warning explains it pretty well: "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one to avoid receiving any infractions." The forum's emoticons have been updated and exchanged to emoticons which have a better quality. The forum sidebar's widgets have been downsized to reduce the overload of information and to increase the space for possible new widgets. A feature has been added to the Chatbox: By clicking the member's profile picture, you'll be forwarded to his profile. (If you didn't know yet: If you click the member's name in the Chatbox, the member will be linked in your message and your message will pop up green-ish to notify the linked member and to highlight your message to him.) A button has been added to the top of the Chatbox which states and reveals the specific Chatbox related rules additionally to the "Forum & Chatbox Rules". This has been added to avoid members saying "I didn't know the rules."
  15. Date of the Changes: 03/26/2018 Executive Staff Member(s): Poseidon Changes: Icons have been added to the navigation bar.