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If you have issues connecting to the realm "The Gods 255", please follow these steps:

  1. Open your WoW directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder "../Data/enUS".
  3. Open the "realmlist.wtf" with an editor.
  4. Change the content to (depends on which content you have right now):
    set realmlist worldofthegods.com
    or to
    set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
  5. Save it the "realmlist.wtf" and close it.
  6. Delete your "Cache" folder.
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  • Our Legion realm has been upgraded to the latest version. You'll need a new "patched WoW.exe" which only needs to be replaced with the already existing one. The patched .exe file can be found here. Please take all the details and information from the previous link's description.


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  1. Orcgasms's 255 Hunter Guide.

    Since people are having a hard time finding it. [COLOR="#FF0000"]B[/COLOR][COLOR="#FF8C00"]u[/COLOR][COLOR="#FFD700"]m[/COLOR][COLOR="#FFFF00"]p[/COLOR]
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    <p><p>At a point in time, yes i was leaving, but now alot of things have changed in a small amount of time. So i'm back ! as a staff member.</p></p>

    <p><p>I'm staying here for the long run, and i appreciate those kind words, its nice to see that people appreciate my work, i do my best to be the best role model i can as a GM.</p></p>

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    <p><p>Hey i don't know if u know me so much but i've been on this server for 2-3 years didn't play so much ( Changed name and stuff ) But allways when i wake up in the morning i had a feeling u were online! U were a very nice guy and i saw u in arena / mall etc helping ppl and that i really appreciate. Every time i saw u i had a smile on my face and said "Someday i hope i be like that guy over there"! And now if this is the end for u! I really wishes u a Really good life!</p></p>

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  10. Orcgasms's 255 Hunter Guide.

    Since alot of people have been wanting to play hunters on the 255 realm and are asking me for advice I decided to go ahead and do a guide to sum everything up :) I am here to teach / help you with hunter in a 255 realm. As a hunter in a 255 realm you have alot of advantages agaisnt any other class. Since you got a great synergy between all your talents, which make a great combination of abilities. First thing, you should bind your keys if you haven't. I've been a clicker before, took me 1,2 weeks to learn keys. Easy way to start is doing alot of duels and world pvp. Dont be afraid of nerds calling you a bad player, actually, in the end, you will be better than them. Now, after you familiarize with your keybinds, you need to get into playing the class properly and taking advantage of all your abilities. Kite - kite, for those who don't know, is not to let your opponent touch you or come near you. This is when we start with the traps, for kiting, you will need Frost and Snakes Traps to slow targets movement speed. As a hunter you need to be far away from your target, but do not be fooled by your opponent, for example, warriors can use charge / intercept to get close to you or rogues, just shadowstep up to you. So before attacking your opponent, put a Flare(hunter spell to detect stealthed units)on the floor and Frost / Snake traps. For your frost trap if the target is pretty far away or u want to do a surprise attack you can use a more developed version of frost trap which is frost arrow. That's for the start of the fight, as it progresses using concussive shot,chimera shot which have a 6 and 4 seconds daze respectively which would give you a huge advantage to get farther back and hit him (especially since both spells have a relatively short cooldown) Track methods - Its pretty simple, thanks to a Survival talent you get a 5% damage increase against the type of creatures you attack, so in pvp since players are considered Humanoids no matter what race, keeping Track Humanoids active at all times give you a 5% damage increase in pvp. As for rogues, if you are having a hard time against them, in addition to pots, using Track Hidden gives you a great amount of extra stealth detection :) What about if my target is not dead and I'm slowed, how do I kite him? Here comes the importance of your pet. Open your spellbook you will find a spell called (Master's Call) which makes you immune to slow effects(you need pet to cast this spell), and Desingage(back jump). With this up you should easily run from your target. There is some cases that you got no escape from, but there is a solution for everything. Deterrence makes you immune to spells or attacks for 5 seconds, for example when a warrior uses bladestorm, which does alot of damage and cant be dodged you just use detterrence, you wont take any damage. As I said before, your pet is very important, he is the reason why you're alive. Spiders are the best pets. With them you can kite forever. Important Note, keep him on passive, in a 255 server, your pet dies very easily Now, the part that everyone was waiting for, which spells should I use for dps? Here we go, first of all, Hunters mark, very important spell which gives you a good amount of attack power as well as the ability to see the marked target when he turns invisible or stealths. Then we start with rapid fire(40% attack speed) + Serpent Sting( poison damage over time) + chimera shot (40% of serpent sting damage,125% weapon damage) and finally I usee explosive shot(from 60k to 350k each tick, depends on gear power, ticks 3 times =180k-1,05M damage ) + aimed shot 50% healing reduce if your target heals itself. Silencing shot, names says everything, for silencing the target when its needed =P Important tip:(chimera shot) one of your most versatile shots, it has 3 different effects depending on what sting is active on the target, in addition to the 125% weapon damage. Serpent sting: instantly does 40% of the damage done by your serpent sting Viper sting: instantly restores mana equal to 60% of the mana drained by your Viper sting Scorpid sting: attempts to disarm the target for 10 seconds, this effect cannot occur more than once every second (extremely useful against other hunters and meele classes) Cool Trick use snake trap and feign dead, your enemy will have troubles targeting you again Major glyphs: Glyph of Deterrence: reduces its cooldown by 10 seconds, this often a life saver no matter how small the amount reduced Glyph of Disengage: reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds, which makes the cooldown 16 seconds, allowing you to use it more than once in a single fight without wasting the valuable readiness cd (resets the cds on all your hunter spells except beastial wrath) Glyph of Freezing trap: When your freezing trap breaks, your victim's movement speed is reduced by 30% for 4 seconds (helps alot when people use medallion on your freezing trap, to keep them away from you) Minor glyphs(not very important): Glyph of mend pet:when you cast mend pet, it increases its happiness slightly. Its my solution to not finding food with a level high enough for a lvl 255 pet. Glyph of feign death: reduces the cooldown of your feign death by 5 seconds, comes in pretty handy in a fight :) 3rd minor glyph depends on your taste as no other minor glyphs help in pvp. New update: Bestial wrath and Masters call turned out to be working perfectly, which means hunters cannot be stun locked, or slowed anymore. Bestial wrath: makes you and your pet immune to stuns for 10 seconds, also removing any stuns already applied on the user ! Master's call: removes all slowing and root effect from the user and his pet, also making him immune to such effects for 4 seconds. And since bestial wrath works, i guess mentioning Glyph of Bestial wrath is important: basically it reduces the cooldown of Bestial wrath by 20 seconds which means less stuns ! (replacing Glyph of deterrence with this one is your best choice) Credits:Krazy And that sums up my hunter gameplay on the Gods 255 realm, hope I've helped you and made your stay here more enjoyable. Regards: Orcgasms