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If you have issues connecting to the realm "The Gods 255", please follow these steps:

  1. Open your WoW directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder "../Data/enUS".
  3. Open the "realmlist.wtf" with an editor.
  4. Change the content to (depends on which content you have right now):
    set realmlist worldofthegods.com
    or to
    set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
  5. Save it the "realmlist.wtf" and close it.
  6. Delete your "Cache" folder.
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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5 (26654)
  • Our Legion realm has been upgraded to the latest version. You'll need a new "patched WoW.exe" which only needs to be replaced with the already existing one. The patched .exe file can be found here. Please take all the details and information from the previous link's description.


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    <p><p>hi..i saw u ban/kick the player 'Adons'</p></p>

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    <p><p>After like 30min he was back,, he's HP is over 4000K</p></p>

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    <p><p>plz view forum i made - link</p></p>

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    <p><p><a href="<a href="http://forum.worldofthegods.com/showthread.php?1129-Adons-was-banned-and-came-back-after-30min" rel="external nofollow">http://forum.worldofthegods.com/showthread.php?1129-Adons-was-banned-and-came-back-after-30min</a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="http://forum.worldofthegods.com/showthread.php?1129-Adons-was-banned-and-came-back-after-30min" rel="external nofollow">http://forum.worldofthegods.com/showthread.php?1129-Adons-was-banned-and-came-back-after-30min</a></a> </p></p>

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    <p><p>Thnak you</p></p>

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  4. <p><p>The new 1 is boring cos everything is revealed in the manga</p></p>

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  6. <p><p>Its Down...</p></p>

  7. <p><p>why i cant login to 255 realm server???</p></p>

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    <p><p>How do i download the patch ? when i log in the "patch required" text come</p></p>

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  10. <p><p>Oh well the new episodes are just exciting.</p></p>

  11. <p><p>Hehe, how can I not love it? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" data-emoticon="" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p>

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