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If you have issues connecting to the realm "The Gods 255", please follow these steps:

  1. Open your WoW directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder "../Data/enUS".
  3. Open the "realmlist.wtf" with an editor.
  4. Change the content to (depends on which content you have right now):
    set realmlist worldofthegods.com
    or to
    set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
  5. Save it the "realmlist.wtf" and close it.
  6. Delete your "Cache" folder.
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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5 (26654)
  • Our Legion realm has been upgraded to the latest version. You'll need a new "patched WoW.exe" which only needs to be replaced with the already existing one. The patched .exe file can be found here. Please take all the details and information from the previous link's description.


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  1. From Zero To Hero With Rogue's !

    The Face Says it all ;)
  2. Hello everyone, I saw how people having trouble to find out how to play rogue's.... so I decided to make a guide about it after learning about the class for COUNTLESS minutes and becoming a Wrecking machine. First thing is to Put poisions on your daggers, Than go invisible. That should be simple Than you just click SHIV and roll ur head over the keyboard, Ez Pz you're Gone from ZERO TO HERO. nobody gonna be able to beat you, u got my word on that :)
  3. Hunter PVP guide

    Please, people copied lord pharaoh guide from the future, it's original work by almighty lord pharaoh, next time you better talk to him with some respect. Excuse me ??? He didn't copy anyone, cause if he did he wouldn't have all those grammatic mistakes.
  4. Hunter PVP guide

    oh mi gawd, lord pharaoh ! is this the macro's u use and everything ? :O oh mi gawd now I know why your skills are stronk af ! that's why a 9M war rekts u, I mean.... the other way around "Cough"Cough"
  5. Classes Summary

    nice copy-paste from another website, And before making a GUIDE you should learn how to play your own class... Cant believe an 18-19M hunt gets rekt by a 9M Warr :O
  6. the guardian of WOTG parts guide

    LeL guys, he did this thread so u give him likes atleast give him something for trying lmao
  7. the guardian of WOTG parts guide

    I though this was a dream, that pharaoh made a guide ! Alotta new gm's these days I see, for all those I couldn't tell personally ( YOU SUX <3 )
  8. the guardian of WOTG parts guide

    Nice guide Btw, who's voitez???
  9. Max All You Talent Point Whit One Click

    He's a newbie on the forum, give him a chance bro.
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  11. Max All You Talent Point Whit One Click

    Now that's an idea forum moderator should make it sticky thread.
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  15. <p><p><p><p>I miss you so much:(</p></p></p></p>