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[TG255] Titan Gods Complete Guide

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How to kill:
While killing The Supreme Lord, you should always focus the adds whenever they spawn, as they will stun you a lot, which is reduced dps. If you don't move, you won't make the adds attack you, so don't move a lot. Stand on flat ground, where you won't fall through the map. After 4 MINUTES, the boss will be Berserk. Make sure to kill it before 4 minutes, otherwise you will all get wiped in matter of seconds.

VIPs can use this command: .go -12273.972656 -2448.939209 4.840607 0


How to kill:
Leotheras debuffs a random player with Wrath of the Astromancer which throws the player, and also nearby players into the air when it explodes. Make sure that the player who has the debuff moves away from the team, so the rest of the players won't be thrown in the with him, as the players who is thrown into the air without having the debuff, will die from fall damage. Paladins Avenging Wrath is not absorbed by it's 99% damage reduction shield. It's crucial to focus the adds, because they inflict Corrupting Blight. Paladins can use Divine Shield to remove the debuff. VIPs can use the .go command to prevent the fall damage.

VIPs can use this command: .go 2947.404541 -4757.989746 231.137115 1


How to kill:
Hyrja debuffs players who are attacking it with Chilled to the Bone. This only counts for players attacking it with melee. The debuff stacks and will do increasingly more damage depending on how many stacks you have. I would suggest having many players while killing Hyrja, especially VIPs, because they can teleport right back to the boss after reviving, preventing the boss from resetting. Paladins can use their Divine Shield to remove the debuff.

VIPs can use this command: .go 5230.535156 -4727.023438 823.791138 1


How to kill:
Focus adds, and have a large group of people. If you die, release spirit and get back as fast as you can.

VIPs can use this command: .go 957.302185 2277.833740 310.231323 530

Supreme God, Leotheras & Hyrja drops:
[Gold Strongbox] 1 - 4 (80%)
[Material Strongbox] 1 - 5 (100%)
[Vote 5 Token] 1 (60%)
[Gold Bar] 1 - 15 (100%)
[PvP Token] 1 - 25 (100%)
[Badge of Justice] 100 - 250 (100%)
[Emblem of Frost] 100 - 250 (100%)

Amon drops:
[Gold Strongbox] 1 - 2 (65%)
[Material Strongbox] 1 - 2 (75%)
[Vote 5 Token] 1 (25%)
[Gold Bar] 1 - 5 (100%)
[PvP Token] 1 - 25 (100%)
[Badge of Justice] 50 - 150 (100%)
[Emblem of Frost] 1 - 25 (100%)
[Visual Spell Coin] 1 - (15%)
[Title Coin] 1 - (20%)
[Amon's Head] 1 - (100%)

Titan Faith has a 0,1% drop rate, as it can be dropped from any custom NPC in the game.
I suggest doing Shadowfang Keep runs. Use .i u all to reset. Also has a great potential for [Invisibility Token], [Jump Jets Token] and [Experienced Token] drops.
If you use the item you will have the ability to start the "Titan Gods!" quest. If you accept, the item disappears.

There is also made a quest for the Amon zone for the "Amon's Necklace". The requirements are the same for caster and melee necklace, except that you need the X version of caster if you want the caster, same for melee.

Thanks to Galatic for collecting the correct drop data. He also wanted this fancy looking bold, italic, underline, pale turquoise text with a smiley, so here you go :)

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It's good but the new poeple need to gave some gear first, and many players announce titan groups in .c with ''only v5 or d2''
And then they check you if you have the correct gear, if not you get kicked.

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