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  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5
  • Due to the latest upgrades of our Legion realm, the download links of the full game client has been changed to provide a full game client which is user friendly. The new client can be found here.
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Legion of the Gods' Changelog #003

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  • Date of the Changes:
  • Executive Staff Member(s):
  • Changes:
    •   Spells/Hunter: fixed binding shot
    •   Spells/Druid: fixed Ashamane Frenzy
    •   Spells/Druid: fixed Ferocious Bite damage calculation
    •   Spells/Priest: fixed Vampiric Touch dispel fear
    •   Spells/Druid: fixed typos
    •   Spells/Druid: fixed 3 spells
    •   Spells/Priest: fixed voidform
    •   Scripts/Spell: fixed Shadow Priest artifact spell "Call to the Void"
    •   Spells/Priest: fixed Misery
    •   Scripts/Command: added blackmarket command to modify auction duration
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Troll 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/World: added condition for Light of Dawn damage
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Draenei 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Tauren 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/World: fixed Tiger Peak & Tolviron Arena doors
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Pandaren 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Dwarf 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Human 1-5 lvl start zone
    •   Core/Player: fixed issue with PvP rules not being permanent in PvP areas
    •   Spells/Priest: fixed crash
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Worgen 1-5 lvl start area
    •   DB/Fix: fixed Orc 1-5 lvl start area
    •   Spells/Druid: fixed Passive Spell Gore
    •   DB/World: fixed WoW crashes
    •   Core/Arena: fixed grouped skirmish for CanJoinBattlegroundQueue
    •   DB/Waypoints: added over 1500 waypoints for 46 special creatures
    •   DB/SAI: added Black Rook Hold Dungeon scripts
    •   DB/Quest: The Sleeper Has Awakened
    •   DB/Spell: stopped some auras from removing stealth
    •   DB/Quest: Vyletongue Corruption
    •   DB/Creature: Fang and Erk
    •   Core/Units: Implemented versatility
    •   Core/Arena: fixed skirmishes
    •   Spells/Warrior+Warlock: fixed Commanding Shout + Shadowy Inspiration + Summon Dreadstalkers
    •   DB/Misc: fixes in Blood Elf start zone
    •   DB/SAI: added Maw of Souls Dungeon trash mobs scripts
    •   Fixed approx. 4000 lines of db errors
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