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If you have issues connecting to the realm "The Gods 255", please follow these steps:

  1. Open your WoW directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder "../Data/enUS".
  3. Open the "realmlist.wtf" with an editor.
  4. Change the content to (depends on which content you have right now):
    set realmlist worldofthegods.com
    or to
    set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
  5. Save it the "realmlist.wtf" and close it.
  6. Delete your "Cache" folder.
Poseidon Poseidon
News Ticker
  • Legion of the Gods has been upgraded to the version 7.3.5 (26654)
  • Our Legion realm has been upgraded to the latest version. You'll need a new "patched WoW.exe" which only needs to be replaced with the already existing one. The patched .exe file can be found here. Please take all the details and information from the previous link's description.
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Forum's Changelog #078

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  • Date of the Changes:
  • Executive Staff Member(s):
    Poseidon, Isudanon, Nocturin
  • Changes:
    • A new feature called "Quizzes" has been added to the forum.
      The quizzes are available to everyone and should challenge the community while not being able to log in-game.
      • The answers to the quizzes are randomized and appear every time in a different sequence.
      • All quizzes are graded. You have a time limit for each quiz. If the time runs out before you've finished the quiz, you'll lose.
      • All quizzes are protected. If you leave your browser or your current tab, the quiz will be cancelled.
      • These quizzes have a leaderboard. Now, try to be the best!


    Good luck and have fun!

    Special thanks to @Antariel for his input!





    • A page loading progress bar has been added.
    • The scroll indicator has been removed.
      • A footer which provides a quick navigation menu has been added.
      • A widget which shows today's birthdays of all members has been added.
      • Grammatical fixes have been executed.
      • The backend of the forum has been updated regarding it's security.



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