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Forum Ranks, Requirements and Information

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Dear, community.


I have created new and improved forum ranks which unlock rewards and offer unique aspects to members who have earned it. The special features include a variety of different types of awards such as more PM storage and the ability to hand out more reputation points to them who really deserve it.


Below you will find the requirements and benefits for each rank.



Board Newbie 0 0 0 0 15 unlimited
Member 7 3 0 3 50 unlimited
Veteran Member 30 30 15 5 80 unlimited
Elite Member 75 60 45 10 100 unlimited
Iconic Member 150 120 100 12 120 unlimited
Heroic Member 365 200 175 20 150 unlimited
Legendary Member 730 350 210 25 250 unlimited
Godlike Member X X X 30 500 unlimited
VIP Member X X X 50 1000 unlimited
Trial Game Master X X X 5 50 unlimited
Game Master Assistant X X X 5 50 unlimited
Game Master X X X 10 100 unlimited
Supervisor X X X 10 250 unlimited
Developer X X X 10 500 unlimited
Administrator X X X 10 400 unlimited
Co. Head Administrator X X X 10 800 unlimited
Head Administrator X X X 10 800 unlimited
Owner X X X 10 2500 unlimited
Community Manager X X X 10 10 unlimited
Senior Community Manager X X X 10 unlimited unlimited
Head Community Manager X X X 10 unlimited unlimited



Godlike Member 
The God rank is given to members who have served World of The Gods beyond repute. Only the most prestigious and loyalist individuals who have contributed enormous amounts to World of The Gods may receive this rank by either Poseidon or Twisted. 
(It cannot be requested.) 



How do I get VIP Member?
In order to get VIP, you must have donated for a VIP account in-game, afterwards, you need to message our Forum Team or an Administrator and provide the following details in format; 

Account name;
Account email;
Donation email (If different from account email);

- I'm a VIP and I want to display my forum rank.

That's not a problem. Just send a private message to Poseidon or Isudanon.




How to check your reputation and forum content count?

To check your reputation points correctly please do the following:

1.) Scroll to the top of your browser.

2.) Click your name.

3.) A drop-down menu will open.

4.) Click "Profile".

5.) The numbers below "Community Reputation" shows your current reputation points. (the field is marked with green background)

6.) In order to see your post count, follow the steps 1-4. The field "content count" (on the right hand of your profile picture) shows your current post count.


If you haven’t received your rank yet, please allow the system up to 24 hours to add it automatically – if your rank is not automatically added within 24 hours, please send a private message to Poseidon.





Positive reputation circles:
Reputation circles aren't allowed. If I see a certain group of users giving positive rep to each other for absolutely no reason constantly, I will remove the rep. Be aware, you're free to give anyone reputation, however, as an example - if you give the same 4 users reputation for nothing over and over again and they do the same for you, this is a reputation circle. 

Negative reputation circles:

Any users found bullying other users and "Negging" (Giving someone negative reputation rather than positive) constantly for no reason will be removed - you are free to give negative reputation to whoever you want, but victimising certain individuals in groups won't be tolerated.

Just be sensible.



- Questions and Answers -


How do I get reputation?

Reputation can be gained if another member "likes" the content you've posted.


Can my reputation points be taken away from my profile again?

Yes, this is possible for every member if he clicks the "dislike" button below your comment.



If you have any more questions, please feel free to send me a private message and I will add them to the thread.

Please note these requirements and rules may change slightly in the future.

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